Sunday, August 20, 2006

Clarification: The gorgeous sun drenched studio pictured below belongs to master printer Lothar Osterberg, he lent me his press for a week. I was making monoprints and woodcuts on the Monster Masher®. My regular work space is in the arm of a giant Prima Ballerina rocking chair. Just so you know.

We've been away for 10 days, foghorn has eaten 1/2 the jade plant (it was very big and healthy) that sits next to his house and what he hasn't eaten is riddeled with puncture wounds. He is also hiding behind his mirror.
Dude, Lothar must be so jealous. Is that you doing your dance of triumph in the closeup? (Caption reads: yeah, my new drawing kicks ASS, toe heel, toe heel!)
Thats the door man to my studio, I'm very fancy that way. He's helpful but complains alot about being dizzy also it took him a while to get used to the uniform.
capt'n did you get my Electronic mail missive about inviting smor peeps on Wednesday?
Corny, is this the chair where you make all those big decisions? I think I need a chair like this in my studio.
Yes Peeds, This is my studio and my thinking chair, I change scale according to if I want to sit on it or go inside it. The frills on the cusion are heat activated and massage my hiney when I'm sitting.
peeds you ought to get yourself a chairlike this
the zippers suggest 80's fashion from which all contemporary painting owes a nod to, the tassles suggesting
baroque dropplets of inspiration
link no worky. but it sounds right up my 80's alley. although i often take a no-frills approach...
but the frills are so...frilling.
i'm frilled to see your chair corny. it's beautiful. did the jon benet ramsey fake killer send it to you? looks like his style.
the jon benet ramsey fake killer is actually my doorman at the studio chair. did you see the pic of him in The Post with his ass to the camera looking over his sholder in those tight jeans, thats his meet and greet posture, its a very classy building/chair.
yes, i saw his handiwork in the paper. god, he's awesome. a little champagne and he goes totally off his frilly rocker.
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