Wednesday, July 05, 2006

These two goelogical wonders are called The Bubbles (North and South). They are located on Mount desert Island in Maine. I like climbing them and having a picnic. I'll never get tired of scrambling up a bubble. I'll try and post while I'm away. xoxox

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Yay, your blog is back up! I am doing the bull-dance right now.

corny, these bubbles, they are very suggestive. They am like 2 half-lemons, if you catch my continental drift. the perfect place for a lobster roll.

bon voyage, corns, enjoy life off the grid.
bye corns. xoxo. have funz!
Climb every mountain, Corns. We'll handle things over here.
You guys are the lights of my life.
Corny, have a blast. I know the Acadia part of the world really well, too: my personal favorite is. . .

Yeah Corny, enjoy the bubbles, we'll hold down the proverbial fort..."if you catch my continental drift." DAMN IT Sloth, FUNNY!
You know, maybe I shouldn't say this, but sometimes I call the little lady "bubbles."
Anyhoo, yeah, good times, enjoy.
Go tell it on the mountain, Corny.
I meant to say go tell it on the bubble but I got distracted.
To Whom It May Concern: I'm writing because I find your recommendation of the song "Sinister Ducks" highly offensive. Alan Moore got it all wrong blaming the ducks for today's urban societal evils. Everyone knows that it's actually the swan that commits these and many other crimes. I hope you will reconsider this recommendation as there may be young, impressionable, boys and girls who would love to stroll down Moore's flawed mental country path. Thank you. Sincerely Yours, friendofducks.
yes, hi, i'd like the bubbles benedict with a side order of survivalist camp woods
Alright already, Corny! I'm sick of you being gone.
Just putting it out there...
I think the Bubbles were pooped out by Huguenot Head
helllllooooooo o o helo lo o o lo o o
me too
Ali, you are obviously brain damaged. Your lunatic idea about "Moore's flawed mental country path" makes me sad for you.
Ducks rhymes with sucks. Coincindance?
Damian are you referencing Zardoz? If you are you may be eligable for a prize. maybe a nice jelly doughnut?
Capt'n all is well here, we got seamonkey in the house and things are good.
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