Monday, July 24, 2006

Lilly Allen: Yes

The Mrs. and Peeds and I were rocking Lilly Allen all the way up to Camp Run Amok. This is a pricey import but worth every penny.
Corny! I can finally comment here. I love Lily! I also love you and the Mrs. to pieces. So much so, that I am willing to give up the puns...until further notice. Thanks for the ride. I am glad that car wreck below was not real. I thought maybe it was due to my missing navigational skills on the way home.

P.S. I fear I lost my spaz dancing title this weekend. Oh well, must give others a chance.
Wow, that really illustrates the ol' come back cryin' approach.
peeds, once a champ, always a champ.
GAYLORD!! I just tried to comment on your blog, but was turned away. Must try again.

Thanks for your vote, Gaylord. I wished you coulda danced with us this weekend. I will post pics on my blog soon. We also had a healthy dose of organized sports. I wore my Dinah Shore polo.
yeah, peeds, you're still the queen of robotic gestures! no one can take that away. though did you note my new dead girl zombie dance? i believe i may be on to something.
i think uf called it "dead on top" cuz the legs were still twitching.
Me lika dis
Hi guys. Peeds I like it when you go into 'deep bot' mode, it usually happens later in the night, I don't even know if you realize you're doing it, the transition from human to cyborg is a smooth one
Hey capt'n yes, this is hit single in the UK right now, the whole CD is great, lots of dancehall, ska sounding stuff.
Peeds, give up the puns? Did you hit your head this weekend? If you don't make the puns who will be Mrs.Cubs whipping boy?
Okay, okay, tell the Mrs. she's got her whipping boy back. But don't confuse me with "charm boy" or a "couvade."
ok. I'll try to keep it straight.

I'm working on a syllabus for the fall, What do you think of the assignment to draw 100 robots at a party? Should there be a twist like draw with your feet or hair? Does every assignment have to have A POINT?
You need a model? I think it would be nice for them to draw with their left foot only while in the lotus position. How's that for a POINT?
how about trying to draw while in deep bot?
That would be cool. Peeds you could model AND draw in deep bot. i had a modle in class once who wanted to paint while we were painting her. she ended up with paint all over her hands arms face and a dark and frightening painting... then she was gone from school the next week, checked into a mental hospital. true.
She was on Annie Mac's show on BBC 1 last week and did a live mini mix. I don't know if the show is still online.
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