Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Here is the big raft one of the participants at Skowhegan built. Many of the people I met with were recovering from traumatizing grad programs or still being beaten down in school. Skowhegan is the spirit lifting elixer, everyone is super supportive of each other and permissive. It's basically a big fun love in. We had a baseball game on saturday compleat with hotdog girl, and mascots. Playing were the Assholes VS the Teapots. We (I was an Asshole) got schooled. More pics from Maine here...

Hi Corny, it sounds like it was fun and what-not. If you are an asshole than what makes a teapot. I am not sure. Also, hi.

We should play baseball at camp.
I dunno, the Teapots had nicer cheers then we did. Baseball is scary.
maybe wiffelball? Dominoes?
Morning Asshole! Sorry Corns, I can't see you as an assholes, but it was nice of you to try...for the team and all. The raft looks so fun. I am ready to drift away.

Hi gorgeous MM.
Did you study the team picture peeds? I am giving the finger for no good reason other then i'm an Asshole. You need to trust me on this.
Hi Peeds! I am oiling my cheez nips for you.

Give the finger Corny, you must. Your assholeness is your crowning glory.
Maybe wiffleball is better. Dogeball? Kickball? We need some team sports. How about push you down and you try to get up. I want to be on the push you down team. Is that a bad idea?
Okay Corns, I'll give you that. It's just, I can see thru the asshole veneer, you know?

MM, stop. You are gettin' me all worked up over here.
Wiffleball would be fun. Can we play with waffles?
Push you down sounds like fun, i like an good old fashion round robin of indian leg wresteling
Dodge ball!!! Yes all of the above! Please to check your email mame
I think the Indian wrestling will turn into push you down. How 'bout hammer to the head? Anyone ever play that?
I can demonstrate.
hammer to the head is a team sport? I like to play solo, mostly.
There is a hammer team and a head team, so to speak. I'll be a hammer.
Hi Corny,
Skowhegan summer camp lookes like it was a great time.
Whoa, I gotta wake up. I gotta be "on task" today. I just yawned so hard it made my neck hurt.

No longer freaky deaky,

The Capt'n


If u get a chance, could u pleez ask the good doctor to check her voicemail? So sorry to make you the middleman.
btw, what about just good old-fashioned Hammertime?
Can't touch this.
Countdown to the weekend.
40 hours and counting...
corny, time is precious. camp will come soon enuff. oh, by the way i'm a scientologist now so this weekend i'll be setting up a tent and coercing you all to join in my bullshit. i think this could really change things.
i realize now that it won't change anything. it was a dumb idea. let's just build a raft.
Fuck dubz, If you even tried for one nano-second to spew your scientoligist bull**** and pervert the sensitive minds of camp RunAmok's participants, i'd have to beat you senseless with the wiffelball bat, or a log. Please don't try to undermine my restfullness with your nonsense.
First and last warning.
raft's are good.
ok, a raft it is then. sorry i crossed you.
dubz, I am ready to join whatever fake religion you're peddling... I'm tired of thinking for myself. Plus, maybe you'll introduce me to Tom and Katie? We could use them as bait.
slothy i'm ready to descend into darkness with the others. i just posted a beautiful cabbage on my blog btw. it can be our mascot. it is a symbol.
true, thinking for the self is over rated and takes more energy thus bad for the enviorment (it's a leap but stick with me) I'll open myself to your new cultish ways dubz if you promis to deprogram me when we get home.
Nevermind all that. Will one of you cover me in chocolate sauce and set afloat on the burning raft.
I have one question...Walmart?
Best regards from NY! »
Keep up the good work »
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