Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Garden painting

This Range
Sterling Ruby

Sir, can you please esplainy the painy?
it's a mat of flowers mostly. It's Richard Serra goes Givenchy.
oh very pretty. i like the two blue eyes.
corny, when R U coming to visit le donut shoppe?
those blue eyes are creepy.

I will be visiting soonish maybe next week or later today... must make a date with the impresario. Will keep you posted in an email. And maybe I can steel you away for an iced tea, or a Long island iced tea
Donut "holes" don't exist right?
Sterling has an interesting body of work, shows at Foxy productions, I'm especially liking a series of Lambda prints he made.
cool. It looks like he planted a little painting seed & grew this big boy.
donut holes are real. we have a closet full of them: rejects. please steal me for an iced tea of any sort. until then i'm just doing a seated variation on dead girl.
Hi Sloths! it does look like it has roots.
Donut holes just can't exist. It's an oximoron or something isn't it? Holes are the void in the center of a proper donut. A "donut hole" is, I don't know, something else.
Donut Centers
i guess it's all relative. if the donuts are around, the holes are holes. without the rings, they're just little donuts. i'm hungry now.
interesting. but I'll maintain that a hole of any sort is negative space, a void, not a ball of dough, weather it's alone or hanging out with the rings.

What do you call the empty space in the middle of a donut? The donut hole.
so you're saying: how can the hole in the ring AND the donut "hole" both be holes? personally, i don't see the hole as empty. i see possibilities... but that's just me.
Dubz you are a forward thinker. I would like to be the glass half full person, a it's a "Hole", not a hole person.
i would like to eat the hole of the donut now. or a full donut. or both.
They're sort of more like donut plugs, or donut ball gags.
i wonder if the donut holes still fit in the rings after getting baked. or if you have to force them. or eat the sides of first?
This beautiful painting thing reminds me of how sad those pasty white-boy weasels are going to be when a certain Miss Lilly Allen runs the Milking Pens where all the men live after 11:11 pm, December 21, 2012. No need to mark your calendars. Date is burned into collective unconscious.
thanks seamonkey.
We can run an organic grass fed milking pen here at the mounds.
are you blogging upstairs?
upstairs calling downstairs, come in downstairs....
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