Monday, July 17, 2006

Does your sauna have all the necessary accessories? Mine has two bedrooms, tin ceilings, 1 1/2 baths, cable, two house guests, pets, a go kit...

Motherfucker it's hot. Why does it have to be this hot. Is it Bush's fault it's this hot? everything else is his fault so I'm going to blame him.
u still gonna build a sweat lodge, corny? or are you having visions just walking down Powers Street?
and p.s. corny, does your sauna have a p-mate?
fucking, fuck fuck. CORNY I MISS YOU!!!!!!! xo gbotba
Fucking fuckity fuckfuckfuck, anon, fucken missed you fucken too!!!

Slothy!!! Wow yes, I mean no, I mean, the sweat lodge idea is so strange and frightening, I don't know. My vision reveals a giant ice cube, it's mocking me. I think the ice cube is stupid and has emotional problems.
Slothy, Whats a P-mate?
Oh, duh a p-mate. There has been much nudity in the sauna today, we are all protesting clothing...including bunny ears.
i thought i was the only one sweating my ass off INSIDE. it's 90 degrees in here, and i just spent $500 on an air conditioner that doesn't cut it. i want to carve a hole in an iceberg and git inside.

the p-mate allows you to pee like a dude. it's revolutionary. i'm bring a 12-pack to camp run amok.
Hi Dubz. I'll be carving my own P-mate out of
hickory or whatever the woodlands of RunAmok have to offer. I hate waste. Should we hold a work shop?
I think theres a P-mate in the picture #30, #31, #32
those are beautiful! that's the traditional style. i will host a p-mate carving workshoppe at olde towne run amok at 2pm and 4pm on saturday if anyone's interested.
Dubz, I believe your fife doubles as a P-mate.
Corns!!!! Corns!!! Corns!!!! Your return has woken me up this morn.
It is's so great to be back. Great in the sense of oppressive mortal blow. Hi Peeds!
Dubz reserve my two spots in your workshop cause thats just how much enthusiasm I'll be bringing. Can I carve mine out of flesh?
What is with this f*ckin' city? If it rains a little...subways down, if it's hot outside...subways down. SERENITY NOW!! Camp Run-Amok take me away!!!!
sorry for venting here corns.
pd, it will be so serene at Run-Amok, we will have to wear Depends.

corny, I am assuming the mallet (38) is for pounding the p-mate into place?
correctamundo my friend. The other interesting item is the p-mate+, (#42 and 43) it's super for a cascading fountain effect like in the hanging gardens of bablyon, grow moss on it for extra pretty.
ohh, coffee just shot out of my nose...
SOC (spitting out coffee) too!

Slothy, I got the econo pack of depends. i'll bring it.
Oh good, peeds. Layering. It's all about layering.
Now there are two jackhammers directly outside my window like 10 feet away from my desk. So it's loud and hot. This is ridiculous.
just thinking that if the demo version of the poo-mate (#33, with wiping cloth #40) is released in time for camp run amok we can all take turns?
Corny!!! Ohmygod!!!
Just when i was hating myself for loving you, hating you for leaving me, just when I'd hit bottom emotionally, you come strutting back into my life, you, with your "hotbox" and your "authentic p-mates." You think you can just dangle your "cascading fountain effect" around like bait on a line and snag THIS sucker??? HUH????
Well you're right, damn you! I'm hooked!
And furthermore, "I think the ice cube is stupid and has emotional problems."
You know just how to get the earl grey flowing out my nose, don't you, you snake? Like a reverse netti pot.
dubz, you bastard you! You is way too funny for me.
Too funny...all of yous.
christ. I'm drooling on myself.
threads of spit are comming to a boil and scalding my chest hair.
We have a dinner planned at Craft Steakhouse tonight, umm are you all thinking what I'm thinking, how great a thrist crunching ribeye would be right about now.
oooo and a big refreshing hot potato!
Dubz.the poo-mate is work for an advanced student of the carving arts. But what about Bra-mate (#44)? Aysemetric is hot like the day. One mound gets flattened, other mound hangs through the support window.
It's strappless.
best of both worlds, corns. please whittle one for me, size XS.
yum. hot baked potato. with a nice class of barolo.

i am confused by #39. it's a two-parter - pouch and ? spittle cup on a stick? is it a holy communion set, wafer in the pouch, jesus blood in the earthenware pestle goblet? also #45. no-vacany shoe tree? Me NO understandy.
i am living in sun vapors - the ozone is breaking my spirit, seriously. why can't i go to camp amok now?
#39 is the OLYMPIC TORCH with fuel pouch. For the Camp Run-Amok Special Olympics. #45 is a stack of PooBricks, which are a by-product of the PooMate. Our goal: 100% recycle rate.
I just walked down 8th ave, chewing bus fumes all the way from Port Authority. Suicidal feelings.
Fb you are so close to correct about #39. Introducing the DentistryMate travel kit! The pouch holds tools for scraping and cleaning, the cup on a stick is the spittle cup for rinsing.
and it doubles as a special olympics torch.

Sloths, sorry to hear about the death march down 8th ave. I was SO tempted to take my shirt off on my way to dinner walking down 14th street this evening.I was inches away from doing it thinking why the fuck not? Why clothing, why this human need for clothing all the time?
Dude, it's late nite and I just re-read the comments here, including my earlier comments to you. At the time I wrote them they seemed real funny, but now they just seem like they would sound, I don't know, hyper-agressive and kinda crazypants to the average reader who wasn't me. Oh, well. Mental retardation is a hard row to hoe.
Capt'n Your earlier comments are funny, sweet, yes agressive but with irony which is the literary tea tree oil, plus I'm always way up for big time aggression. Also sorry not to have responded, I got so caught up in the line of P-mate equipment I had blinders on to all else, forgive. The question in now that I have you hooked what do i do with you?
Also there are no "average" readers here
Let's kidnap her and turn her into a Norf*ckineaster. By the way, #47 is MM's grill. I'ma gonna be all up in it this weekend.
I was wondering what that was. Do you have an a kooky party apron that says "who invited all these people?" or "what part of "not ready" don't you understand"?
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