Sunday, July 23, 2006


Oh Bejesus Corny are you and the Mrs. allright? Did it take quite a while to get home? Are you all still covered in orange dirt?

For my part, I slept 11 hours, 8-7. Like a stinkin' rock.

I never had a better time. Ever. Please thank yourself for coming.
I'm great, but was exhausted when i posted last nite, this being a reflection of my wrecked body. I also slept 10:00-8:00 like Karen Ann Quinlan but without the machinery. I AM thanking myself for coming, and you guys too for the best weekend in the history of summer weekends.
corny you are the best spaz dancer and the queen of badminton. and top hats.
dubz, I gotta come to the chelsea forest tomorrow. I will come bug you and do private spaz lap dance at your desk.
omg, please do not tease me corns. if you come for a visit i'll give you a private tour of the donut shoppe innerworkings. william d. III will also love to see you.
Is William d. a jelly filled donut? I'd like to mett him. I wont shake his hand too hard.
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