Saturday, July 01, 2006


It's just how I feel...
What a too!
sometimes mandarin is perfect language to express the mood
A rose without thorns is a sign of the apocalypse
it is nice the way the copyright follows the line of the stem, very elegant. very hi-class.
thurly you mean the apocalythip

Go home right now Thumbody.
yes, subtle is the word you are searching for
as a woman i can really appreciate this design. i feel it exemplifies my love of things that could never reflect light in real life.
Yes. me too.Amazing how a simple thornless rose and a bit of manderin can bring forth radically dustructive emotions.
someone should do a study. I am sharpening my insizors
you should open this up and see what's inside... probably dandelion fuzz.
We saw Superman yesterday. It was weirdly Christian, or maybe i am just paranoid?
preposterous idea about the dandelion fuzz, there's fetid meats in there! were talking the heart of darkness here, the rose sparkles but she masks the miserable
deteriorated conditions at the core.

believe me.
i never think of the meats... but you could be right. seems like chicken ends up in most things. it is a conspiracy of sorts.
My god, chicken at the heart of the rose! I wonder if it's Kennedy Fried Chicken or the Cluck-U franchise behind the conspiracy?

I shall need at least one week in bed before I begin unwraping the shrouds of mystery surrounding the chicken hearted rose.
Oh wait, you're talking about chicken fingers aren't you, you sneaky-deaky
KFC = Kleverly Fucking Concealed
OH it hurts. The wine hangover.
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