Friday, July 28, 2006

Watercolor mostly

Oh Corny, you're bringing it all back to me. I love this painting as much as the game itself.
A big shout out to Seamonkee!
the players aren't very realistic.
I'm the blue face hiding in the corner...looks just like me.
It does look like you. but that guy aint hiding, the arm thats holding the giant raquet is attached to that head. Peeds I can't remember now if we played together?
We should join forces and play, maybe when Capt'ns here we can set up a tournament somewhere.
Yeah, we beat Arthur and Jeremy, I think and I think I was on a losing team against you. Cocktails and badminton when the Capt'n arrives is what I suggest.
we need a wiffle ball painting.
Oh my god, that sounds like heaven to me. You're on! I'm in!
Corny, I love this picture and it's excellent proportions and colors and plus.
Hi peeds-we crossed in the ether.
Capt'n! We here in the Norf*ckingeast are ready for you and the Mrs. Bring your badminton raquets.
Yea! We need badminton nanes. I want to be The Clobberator!
or names
Burdee Brain
Actually, just call me "Sorry"
BRILLIANT, mostly. Or rather entirely... I love the pitcher of whatever (it IS one of the "drinking sports," after all), the hugeness of the racquet and shuttlecock, the anxiety, all the little grids, beautiful, corny.
That was Jesus Juice in the pitcher.
oh wow corny this is a masterpiece. and that's the little table! just like the one at camp runamok! so cute!
i am drunkish
Yes dubz the table is the supra-realistic part.
Hi Sloth.

We we're suposed to go see Pirates of the Caribbean tonight but opted to stay home and watch Final Destination Part 3. Part 1 and 2 are good, 3 was a little week... just so you know.
corny, this lil gem is firing me up to whoosh my racquet through the air and yell sorry repeatedly! but maybe it's too hot today. we need an indoor badminton bar.
this is a really good idea, an nice cool pub with a badminton court, we'll call it the Shuttlecock and Bull
I am just seeing this now for the first time. It is the cutest, the most beautiful site to see in the morning.

I need to blog but dial up plus blogger equals crap on my necrotic bum. Smeared on it.

Anyway, I am missing everyone. The shuttlecock depicted here is not unrelated to the swelling of my desire for communion with you guys. Thanks for allowing me to use your comment box to say so Corns.
OMG Dubz! Another thing we have to worry about! Ouch. Good thing we can only afford plastic--huh?
quess that means I should stop rubbing shuttlecocks on my open sores. great.
god, that totally spoils all the fun. I usually try to aim at the gaping wounds or just hit the cock hard enough that it draws blood.
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