Tuesday, June 20, 2006

YEEEEE HA!!! This song goes out to my favorite country girl, GrandmasterBoadweeoftheBloodArm. His blog, as always is on fire with choice bits of soft porn for bears and great music suggestions encluding this one. Primal Scream CountryGirl.

Pd, I needs a machine that will teach me to talk to my pets. It's not just that they don't understand english but I'm afraid theres a generation gap as well.
This machine is big and I am thinking it bridges all gaps. It even lets you reprogram your pet.I will investigate. As for Boadwee...what a gem of the ether! He is my favorite country girl.
I love big machines. Will it fit in the back of the Jammy Jar? lets steal it.
Also cute Overload had some hedgehogs on it a while back, they are insanely cute. So cute you (I) just want to crush them.
By the by, did you notice how Country Girl's hair is doing "Jazz hands"?

I love big machines and expressive hair.
I am working on the Jazz hair look myself. It is part of my "Dress up for the studio" regimen. I am also picking out my best plaid.
I've got my plaid contact lenses and matchig plaid Keds for the studio. Whenever it is that I go back to the studio.
Well it's either the studio or clean my apartment...hmmm. How 'bout you go to my studio and I go to yours? In honor of Dada.
wow. great idea. Your work looks like fun to make, are you a stickler for quality? That could be a problem.
Let's just let go of all expectations and have some quality fun.
i was just thinkin we should have a **Hair Nite** when we twist each others golden locks into impossible configurations.
I like it Dubz. I'll bring my pruning shears.
Corny, you were in my dream last night. Somehow the Mrs. and I ended up in your neighborhood, and we were calling you from a phone booth. You said don't come over, the house is a mess. As you were talking you suddenly appeared in the phone booth with us and gave us hugs. I don't know what the meaning of this is.
(austrian accent) verrry inzeresting.
Pleez, lie down on my couch, I zink you'll like it.
Doctor, will you wear the wig with the jazz hands braids? I feel at this time in my progress it would be very helpful, theraputically speaking, of course.
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