Thursday, June 22, 2006

A unique evening with Douglas Gordon featuring Chicks On Speed Saturday, June 24, 2006 The Museum of Modern Art
8:00 p.m. Cocktails and private viewing
of Douglas Gordon: Timeline 9:15 p.m. Musical performance by Chicks On Speed, in collaboration with Douglas Gordon and other surprise guests!!!! That would enclude your's truely. I'll be uh, making paintings live on living canvases, or something. Please come, this event is not to be missed! Tickets are only 10$ Buy them HERE before the show sells out.

Bloggers, your presence is required!
Free drinks, rock show, performance art,
all for 10 bucks. Ya'll better be there. Don't make me hurt yous.
Cornita, I am sad 'cause I got plans that night. Very, very sad. Make sure the blogger photo journalist records the event.

I only wish,instead i will be in the midwest. glorious. it was so nice to see you! i wish i could see you be a painter/performer.
Yes, I wish you could see me be a painter, picture this
It's THAT beautiful my friend
You be careful of Children of the Corn (no relation) and you'll be fine in the mid-west.
Peeds, I'm sorry. You will have to cancel said plans. Ok? Ok!
Or whatever, bring the family or whoever you're obliged to Saturday night.
You looky like Jane Seymour here, Corns.
Gaylord, I am gonna be performing at an architecht seminar soon. My glasses are being polished up real nice.
Corns, I am obliged to Ms. Charlotte Rampling. I can't cancel.
Charlotte F*cking Rampling!
Fine. Or don't come. But next time you try to hump the Jammy Jar don't expect me to be keeping my foot on the brake.
Alright, if it's a date with the night porter, your excused
LOL! to the max. Okay, okay, I can't give up the jammy jar hump right now. You really drive a hard bargain.
"You looky like Jane Seymour here, Corns."

Whachoo talk'n 'bout?
I drive hard alot of things Pd, cars women, golf balls, bargains...
Catherine Deneuve is also gonna be there...with the night porter and me. But it's okay.

I was playing Greensleeves on the recorder to Foghorn today, he almost fell over he was so transfixed.,RNWG:2004-30,RNWG:en%26sa%3DN

well this is what I was talking 'bout. this is my attempt at a link. But you can do an image search for Jane Seymour painting and see what I mean.
Oh her...Catherine "sidecar" Deneuve. Can't she ever just back off, it's like HELLO, threes a what?
You call that a small moment?? That's effing huge!! Foghorn is a music lover just like his ma.
I love it! We're two pees in a bucket of warm manure
Jane Seymore painting
Catherine and I have this arrangement. Unfortunately I must humor her.
Now that's a link.
corns, can i come?
Your a good friend to the peeps Peeds, Big star and untouchables alike.
Yeah, well, I like to give back. You know what I mean?
By the way, I saw a Shakira video tonight (about 1.5 minutes of it) and she was spastic dancing and attempting robotic moves! It was CRAZY!!! And the lyrica said something like "Look at how she can dance..."

I know Foghorn is laughing at me.
W.W. Y E S
You must. come. I'm running over whoever doesn't show up.
That goes for all you silent types lurking in the blanks
FYI, Catherine can't handle the sight of smashed peeds. She will throw a temper tantrum.
I think Shakira has Lyrica, lyrics are so, 2006 and she's beyond Peeds. she's at the fore of lyrica
So she's got Lyrica, big whoop. She ain't got my moves, though.
I love smash'm peas! Lemme at em!
Oh Peeds. Not PEAS.

Peeds I've never smashed you so i have no opinion on that.
Hey Thunderpal, I don't want any trouble here. Peeds is really thinking of changing her plan.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking Peeds?
Spazdancing is becoming a trend. I should go turn on the VH1
peeds, no one has your moves. NO ONE. not even real robotz.
peeds, no one has your moves. NO ONE. not even real robotz.
peeds, no one has your moves. NO ONE. not even real robotz.
did you hear me? i said NO ONE.
jesus, sorry.
Thunderpal has fists as big as garbage cans, or so I hear
lol. That's funny Dubz
repetition is funny.
A choice comedic trope really.
yeah, like a dance beat.
I JUST LOVE YOU DUBZ. I am crying over here from those words. It is just nice to be appreciated every once in awhile for something so incredibly strange.
Ja, techno essn zo funny, ja!
Aw, you just making fun of my pd.
I love your moves too peeds. I want to play the recorder while you dance. lets do a performance at MM and Uncle whatever his name is's country hidaway.
First we'll spike the drinks with ketamine...
I gtg the teevee shes got a strong gravitational pull.
omg i would kill to see a recorder-ized version of pd's robot.
i am up for it corns. we gotta practice with foghorn.

W.w. bring lots of friends on saturday (or not) but get TKTS cause it might get sold out or something.
Dubz, you may just have to. we'll discuss the details of who, where and when.
Dubz, I am sad you won't be up in the country with us.
K. i git tix now. luv.
no, i will! i'm coming! fuck the opening.
oh dubz...the love runs deep.
yeah.... me too. (sigh)
g'night my friends....
triple sigh.
I'm sorry, but whoever is meeting Charlotte Rampling, please tell her she is REQUIRED to be in ATTENDANCE AT MOMA SATURDAY NIGHT. If Charlotte Rampling is just merely a blog cover name, however, you are excused. And excuse my starfuckery chiming, but I need to hump her before i die, and I also will look quite charming on stage....
Oh Corny, you know I would if I could. Instead I gotta go to stupid, beloved San Francisco for the weekend. "Paint the town" for me, har har.
Ms. Andry, it's me...I'm meeting with Charlotte. She doesn't blog as far as I know. If she did she go by the moniker: "Ms. Sizzle."
'scuse me for bad typing. She WOULD go by the....
ruh roh corns. please run me down as I cannot come. i am sorry. i think you should talk to the moma people about the foghorn recorder stuff. that sounds even better than chicks on speed if you ask me.
i am a big fan of greensleeves. it's great on bass guitar.
Great idea FB. MOMA needa a little recorder action. It would be radical.
Corns, you gonna have some blogger blood on your jammy jar.
Fb? Can you play Greensleeves on the base?
Do you want to start a band?
there'll be some sloth-pulp in the treads, i'm afraid; i'm previously engagged. Love and humps to Georgey Girl...
shucks. BB cannot attend due to the scheduled celebration of the loss of his bachelor-dom... FOR EVER. My spirit animal will be attending in my stead.
corns, i played the bass guitar in 9th grade jazz band. haven't touched it since...but...? I would LOVE to start a band - just need to quit my job to have enough time to add it to the extracurricular schedule. and I suck as a guitarist. if that matters.
Yes, Fb, sucking matters! Infact we should consider that as a name for band. The Sucking Matters?
Can't wait for eventual jam sesh.
Sloths and BB, it would save gas if you would stand next to eachother
Georgey Girl And i are doing a Chelsea sweep this afternoon, any suggestions
a blindfold? booze?
corny, cheim + read.
Thanks dubz, I'll check it out.
Nozkowski works on paper at Bravin & Lee
Bickerton is still up at Sonnabend
I like FB's suggestion! And Corns, Charlotte is with me.
hey it's not in chels, but the show at the lmcc is worth gandering over to. 125 maiden ln. 2nd fl.
Hi. It's time for the night misery to begin!!! WOOHOO no sleepies. It's as if I am a speed fiend. Please help. Hi. Bye. Miss you. My beard is itchy.
Morning Corny Cubcake, will you permit me to make a felt toy out of you for another whore to chew on? I am an expert.
I AM a whore toy, no assembly required.
Chew away, and try the french tickler crowns for the teeths, it brings delight to my moth eaten flesh.
MM, just so you know, The roof of the mounds spring a leak last night. Our sleep chamber is a humid swamp and now we have a waterfall, however the dropplets of water come down on Mrs.Cubs side of the bed so I actually slept fine.
Yikes Corn. That sounds like an ecosystem you may not want in your bed. However if it is on Mrs. Cub then whatevs, right? Her problem. (Hi Mrs. Cub!!!)
Truth be told, It was me experiencing chinese water torcher as the Mrs. slept soundly (and wetly) through.
not to be too direct, but can i be in the band? it'd be another person to split the practice space rental with and I can carry heavy marshall amps with ease.
sorry about leaky leak. i'm such an insomniac that any slight bed discomfort makes me go ballistic. but i'd be chill on tour with the band.
Gaylord, we alreaty have a glockenspiel player. Geez, sorry. Wait, you dont play the bagpipes by any chance?
Greensleeves on the bagpipes. wow.
I can play the bagpipes! i have a distinctive non-melodic sound that The New York Times has called "rhythmic dysplasia of the central brain cortex." are you having auditions soon? where's your practice space? What kind of amps do you dudes jam on?
corns, i'm missing the moma thing right now... i bought tickets and everything but my stupid neighbors started shooting off fireworks and my dog is doing the palsy thing. if i leave he'll rip another painting in half. sorry i missed it.!!!!! bumz x 10.
I am so sorry I missed this. I suck.
I am so sorry I missed this. I suck.
As a matter of fact, I am so sorry and I suck so bad I had to post it twice
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