Sunday, June 11, 2006

This picture is happy yet it will stabs your eyes out like a thousand little Jack the Rippers! Exercise: Hold a stethoscope to my spleen and listen to the sound of a person with no clear goals but thankfully a lot of mundane chores to fill the void, listen!

owch! my eyes!!
i think you just gave me a detached retina...
corny, this lovely lady is ecstatic because she has seen god's giant spit bubble, and it is good. I just hope she runs fast enough to escape the attack-pigeons. It looks like they're gaining...
Gods giant spit bubble is glorious but I'm worried about it getting in her Linda Hamilton circa 1984 hair. Her giant man hands will crush the attack pigeons, then they'll crush the evil twins standing on her sholder.
You guys are totally unaware of who this woman is. This is Abu Shane's younger sister--Abu Lame. Shane has offered to give her a complete makeover--with a jagged, layered look, but she insists that it is the look of the devil.
Abu-lame! praise be your hair!
Question: Is she gonna rock down to
Electric Avenue before she takes it higher? I just need to know what to expect.
YES! She is all about taking it higher...electrically speaking. When she touches you...sparks ignite her split endz. She gets closer to heaven that way.
(slowly pulling guns out of holsters)

Electricity and spirituality... are you people Scientologists?
Interesting Peeds. I'm going to tease my hair up today so to get closer to heaven.
Thunderpal! Please use your FurBullets® to shoot us. Will it tickle? Can I have a last cigerette?
She's gonna rock down to K-Mart to get some shoes. They only cost a dollar.
She's gonna rock down to the Solid Gold dancers that are waiting for her just over the horizon.
She's going to rock down to the sewage treatment plant where she works all the day absorbing harmful toxins. That is why she looks the way she does, she is a goddess and a Scifi monster, we owe her thanks.

The solid gold dancers also work in sewage treatment, inbetween gigs.
It was the only job I could get with a high school diploma
Working with dangerous gases is physically demanding, I end each day with a cleansing shower in Gods giant spit bubble.
Can I just say that this picture is really grossing me out?
Me too Capt'n. It's not just the Abu smile, but the Bob Ross rip-off landscape in the background.
Hi Capt'n sorry, I know, life inside the sewage treatment center is a grim affair.
But as a member of the media elite it is my responsibility to show the horror.
Do not turn away.
Yes, the bob ross effect.

An aside: I loved how he cleaned his brushes. He had a giant bucket of turp in which he'd submerge the brush, then he'd beat it against the leg of his paint table. Remember that?
Yes, he especially did that with his "magic white" brush. That's probably why he died--turpentine poisoning.

One of the angels in the background looks like a young Warren Beaty. Heaven Can Wait? I think not.
Warren Beaty, Scott Baio, Linda Hamilton, Mary-kate and Ashley star in Heaven Can Wait, I Think Not!

Directed by Gods Giant Spit Bubble.
Heaven's Gate Can Wait is more like it.
Very funny. We must include B.J. and the bear in this movie.
lol, yeah! The B.J.and the bear can play solid/liquid waste (respectively) down at the treatment plant. I'm thinking this production should be a musical. Wonder if Robert Goulet is available?
Aw now you've done it. Robert Goulet must be the singer. He can appear at the bottom of the screen belting out gospel songs.
"The B.J. and the bear"
Sorry. I'm an idiot.

Thinking I'll go to the studio for a spell. You know, just stick my head in, think about commiting my whole body but will probably decide not to and then turn around and leave.
this is footage of the crowd watching the challenger blow up -- her face is transitioning from aerospacial excitement to the horror of witnessing death. in the background, nasa's control center is freaking out. the woman in the background is waving goodbye to the dead. they are all wearing size XL nasa t-shirts because they ran out of mediums that morning. you can tell that they're in florida because of the trees.
Corns, look at Robert Goulet's genius drawings and they may inspire you to commit...mind and body.
Like in Mystery Science Theater? Rob and Jim at silhouetted, making the funny banter and singing gosple... i like it peeds.
That's what I had in mind. Of course Jim will be in the silhouette.
Oh geez Sharp you are raisin the bar.
The clarity of your vision is unequivocal.
I thought those were attack pigeons but its a school teacher and two astronauts.
I like the sound of your spleen corny, I can whistle thru my nose but I can't carry a tune like these experts can.
are they hiring down at the sewage treament center? If sorting poo brings this kind of joy.. and I might get a free t-shirt and meet warren beatty. what more is there? really.
these white robes would be great for hiding the multiple hanging bellies and weapons.
Sometimes the hanging belly can be used AS a weapon, FB. But don't try to cut a tomato with your hand...
Sage advice sloths. Fb. are you still looking to change professions? I am. I was thinking today it would be fun to get a job on a road crew opperating the sign on a stick that says STOP on one side and SLOW on the other.

1. You're out in the sun
2. It's helpful
3. You have alot of power over people in cars.
4. Not too hard and drinking on the job wouldn't be the worst thing.
5. Orange vest.
And the pay is real good I hear.
I heard they pay in gravel!
The noise and dust is bonus. So is getting flattened by 18 wheelers.
white robe with orange vest on top, baseball cap with pharoah-style flaps for maximum sun protection. sweet.
I heard they pay in crickets...
They let you take the road kill home at the end of the day....
yup PD: pre-tenderized meats.
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