Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Solstice Today.

Let the good times roll, my friend. I'm all happy because I can stay in the water past 8:30 now. Maybe if I get lucky I'll be raped by a water-nymph...
One can only hope and pray for a nymph rape Capt'n. I find the Marsh drawing especially sexy.
Lotsa buttinski.
I love the Avery and is there a Bocklin here? Well there should be. Nymph rapes run rampant in the Rockaways...I hear.
I love the Avery, too, even though it's hard to quite see the nymph rape happening in the backround.
Re: nymph rapes in the Rockaways.
You would know, pd.
Bocklin, good call. I just added it at the top.
Corns! You picked my favorite one. Thank you.
Yes, Capt'n, me and the nymphs were busy this weekend.
Oh yeah. Painting IS actually pretty cool.
That Bocklin is a rockin, I'll just keep on knockin.
Unfortunately you don't have a momopoly on "corny."
I can't help but think that your Team Shredder triptych belongs here too, corny.

These paintings are dreamy. I love that Milton Avery. Think I'll steal it.
Wow, your blog is great!

Your show was very powerful, too.
btw, check this out:
I know the Milton Avery is brilliant. That diagonal is something fierce. Simple and dramatic.
Capt'n I knows I dont corner the corn...
I just like to serve heaping piles of it.

Miriam, Thanks man!
I like that Pink film, Red is pretty funny.
wholey shitski Miriam.Is that you painting with oil paint with yer hands? Your work looks cool, would like to see it in meat space.
mon dieu what a gorgeous progression, Corno! That spells "the five seconds of live review before consciousness after sleep". Ending on a positive note.
LIFE review. not LIVE review.
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