Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some Pics from last night.... Mrs Andry's videos were amazing. The highlight of the show was when the Chicks started throwing stuff at the giant Rodin sculpture, security got all ready to pounce. The show definately gathered momentum as it went, "We Don't Play Guitars" is my fav Chicks song and they did a banging version of it. For their encore they did a cover of Wordy Rappinhood and by the end the crowd was burning with love. Twas was a thing of beauty.

oh corns, would that I coulda been there to see ol' Ballsack get pelted and your hot live sharpie-on-girl drawling action. Nice shreddy costumes, too. congrats to you & Ms. Andry!
Just love. Period.
I am so sorry I missed the excitement. Fun. Sadness. Love times two.
me too. it is an awesomeness that I will never be able to recreate.
So painful that I missed this. It hurts to look at the photos. The other parent got a miserable night job. I had to babysit.
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