Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I like being out on the Frying Pan for drinks in the summer but I also like to always be within 20 feet of my bed. Thats why I'm thinking the next frontier is a houseboat. Also, wouldn't it be nice to relax and stop worring about how to escape from the city when Big Disaster™ strikes?

Art and music reviews are coming soon, stay tuned for our new column: Content?Content!

absolutely! unless the Big Disaster™ is a tsunami...
oh geez. I hadn't thought of that. Ok, scratch this idea. It's all about digging a very deep hole
Thats problematic too. Hot air balloons are a safe bet.
uh, hello?
Christ. It's settled. I'm hyjacking the space shuttle. Shit. A red light just started flashing on the giant board at the CIA and by the time I finish typing this sentence they'll by knocking my door down.

Does it get cold at night in Guantanamo bay?
corny, if it's a tsunami, we'll just surf the fucker. count me in! don't forget YOU ARE A NORF*CKENEASTER, after all.
We have been living thru the Big Disaster for the last 6 years, no?
you have a point there, peeds.
Thanks for opening up a 40oz. can of perspective Peeds.
I have many thoughtful opinions about the awards posted on LOGWORLD but Blogger is not letting me post comments there so for the record;

Sloppiest is mine, I'm sloppy in every sense of the word, mentally physically, on the dance floor, sloppy. It's a sloppy life for me.
I was vying for sloppiest too Corns. Sloppy drunk, Sloppy hands, Sloppy attitude....
Yes, you have sloppy hands they're a mess, you should really do something about that.
I won't Corny. I will not clean these sloppy rag-hands. They drip and leak - so what? They are shredded. I want my Sloppiest award. Give it to me.
The truth is, i'm always looking to be sullied by a sloppy hand.
but alas, it's your sloppy hands against my sloppy entirity. And my fearless sloppy spelling!
Ok at least we can tie for first. Sloppy entity, I got one too...Please euthanize me via something pleasant.
Sorry MM. for now you'll have to take 2nd place Spaz award. maybe when Sloth gets back she'll create a Beyond Hope Award for you or somepthing.
Or the Regression to State of Plasma award.
I will euthanize both of us at the same time to save money and effort. First we have to totally meld our iddentities
uh... i think i claimed Sloppiest at, like, 7:30 this morning. you guys are spaz 1 & 2. end of story.
corns, this houseboat idea could work... have your contractor add a retractible acrylic forcefield and steel legs so when the tsunami comes the whole thing just runs for higher ground, or floats around till it's over. then you retract the pod and voila! you're back in business.
I hate to break it dubz but I claimed sloppiest last week. Sorry.
but I like the houseboat with legs idea. thats thinking outside the box of envelopes
Sorry for the 40oz. can of perspective intead of the 40oz. can of El Presidente. Or are they one in the same.

As for the awards. Tough call, although I do favor you on the sloppy front Corns.
Beyond Hope! I will take it. That award is mine. Mine I tell you.
Yes, MM. You really deserve a special citation. We have reviewed the facts and we vot YES.
yo, what's up with that? why can't i be sloppiest? i want that doggie sculpture with the pollock splatters. i guess we can fight for it, but i'd rather everyone just agree that it's mine. K?


i'll take 1 houseboat with legs. your choice.
Dubz the portrait of me with the paint Pollock splatters that you call "the doggie sculpture" (ha ha, so funny i forgot to laugh) is mine, but maybe we can break it in half and split it. I guess you are pretty sloppy in your own sweat drenched way.
also Dubz, I've been trying to post about a getting a cat portrait from you but blogger has thwarted my efforts.
Beyond Hope: A Story of a Man and His Mountains
corns, you can always email your cat portrait request to i'm pretty backed up right now (constipated, not busy with portraits) but i'll get to you in due time.

p.s. it's a doggie. and thanx for bring up the pit stains. i'm real proud.
I like the Mountains on that Man, heh, heh.

Dubz, you're a gal that wants it all, I know, but Corns has got you beat on this. #1 Spaz is nothing to snub your nose at. I was sure I'd get it...but alas, no.
You say doggie, i say frigteningly realistic portrait of Corny.

Sorry your backed up. Thats e-laxly the reason I'm not painting.
thats suposed to read:

ex-laxly the reason I'm not painting
I am fully aware of how stupid that was. I should really stop blogging now.
did Slothy deliberatly post those awards and then fly the coop leaving it to us to hash it our in a bloodless war of words?

She's dead.
You know it Corns. She started a war and took the first chopper outta the battlefield. We'll get her when she returns shouting "mission accomplished."
Maybe she did not realize how shitty and competitive we all actually are. That's the other race - to find out who is the most shitty and competitive. I vote for myself, of course. The prize is WW's backed up material that we vacuum out of her backyard.

Bend over Dubz.
Wow, great prize! I'll do the extraction.
We just bought an new Dyson, I believe i can use the attachment for tight corners to get the job done.
MM you know people outside of our little coterie that actually call me Shitty and Competivive. It's my poker name, that and/or Olivia Cruise.
please use a small tip on the vaccuum. it tends to smart a little back there. and you'll need a long tube and a video monitor.

sloth gets the invisible "i blew outa town" award for being an instigator. we really shouldn't humor her by fighting so much. we should erase our comments from log world so she thinks we don't give a rat's ass. just sayin'.
is that how you spell vaccuum? or is it vacuum?
I'd like to point out that I accepted my award graciously, with no real gripes. Ahem.
I didn't even make much of an acceptance speech 'cause I was in the bathroom at the time my name was called. (sorry Dubz)
Yo, check out Dubz'zz portraits of the cat bloggers on her blog.
Dang! Missed all the funs with the spastic slobs with no hope....AGAIN
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