Thursday, June 29, 2006

Here are some snaps of the Garden of Earthly Delights. The yard used to have a nasty old shed (or meth lab) on it. We tore it down then tested the ground underneath it and found lead so we replaced the contaminated dirt with 3 feet of new soil.

It's still pretty bare right now but the basic plan of the garden will be heavenly innocence to the left (where the sun is good), dark, unusual, hyper- sexual, carnivorus and toxic plants to the right. I planted a yew tree last week, it looks like a dull little boxwood in the second
to last picture but it will grow in total shade and get up to 20 feet tall eventually. Yew trees are very Edward Goreyish. According to our sources, they are viewed as protectors of the dead and guardians against evil and negative forces, they are a common feature in graveyards across Europe. Why wouldn't you want one? Since historically yew trees are planted in sacred locations, it would make sense to put a grill near by and have Friday night Burnt Offerings of tuna stakes and the like.

New as of yesterday, 3 hydrangea bushes which are perfect for the right side of the garden as they represent “vanity” in the Victorian language of flowers, maybe a goal should be to have all the sins represented? Also planted 2 climbing hydrangeas which I'll encourage to cover the giant brick eye sore at the back of our yard as well as some small ivy plants that will someday grow up the wall as well. There is clematis and an assortment of flowers including hollyhocks, daisys, goatsbeard and mutated sunflowers (they only get 12 inches tall). I'm keeping my herbs in planters, even with the new soil it just seems safer... I put up a pic of the rest of our yard which is cemented over, we're still mulling over what to do with it. My goal for this summer is to get some big plants to establish themselves. It's a tricky space, only 1/2 of it gets direct sun. My neighbors air conditioner drips behind the yew tree, so I'm looking into bog plants like venus fly traps for that side of the garden which is always wet. I have some moss I transplanted from upstate which is making agressive mosslove to all the nearby rocks.

Mornin' sunshine! I am an agressive mosslover. But anyhoo...CORNS! What a great space. Cy seems to be loving it too. I strongly suggest a grill. In Victorian literature, a garden is not complete without a summer BBQ of grilled meats for friends to partake. Tis true, or else the flowers will wilt from overwhelming depression and lack of love-sweat to nourish them. I am not sure I've ever seen climbing hydrangeas, but I am sure they are beautiful.
Gorgeous Corns!!! I am so excited to see in person. I have been reading about shade plants - there are lots of decorative leafy plants that are really beautiful like hosta and colias (sp?). I have a book you can examine when you come on out to the wilds. Hey and you are welcome to take some ferns from us. My mom did and they took really well when she transplanted them down in her garden. Just saying. I am excited for your delight patch!
hi corny,

nice work - i love all your climbing stuff and climbing hydrangea, whoa! I may need to get myself one of these. I like the brick wall in back too. You are so cute to read into the meaning of the plants you plant. I just grabbed whatever and threw it in the ground! mm suggested the ferns and I can second it. i planted some in the back shady corner and i heart. also great for shady shade - toad lily. they bloom in late summer/fall and multiply from year to year. plus they are freaky and have a good name. just planted one and it seems to be doing well.

For the concrete area - - you could do so many things. A grill is IMPERATIVE. Maybe you have that already. The adirondack chairs look nice. Our backyard is lacking in the comfortable chairs somehow. Oh, back to the concrete. You could build some cedar flower beds and create a massive container garden?

Thanks for posting these pics - so fun to see!
SYour not going to believe this shit. There was an cat in the backyard just now, looks like it had been there all night, it got in but couldn't get out because I put up chicken wire in such a way making the yard secure for Cy. Anyhow this cat was jumping up the wood fence and getting stuck on the chicken wire so i put on gloves and tryed to help it over, it was going ok for a couple of seconds, I had it, then it swung it's head around an bit the shitout of my hand, puncturing my skin and everything, right though the glove. It hurts like a motherfucker. Fb, did something like this just happen to you? did you get bit?
OH NO!!!! Yes Corny. The cat wrangling is serious biz. The punctures hurt like hell. Shit. I am sorry to hear this happened to you too. Clean it out really well with hydrogen peroxide and watch it. It will be swollen for a day or two. Ugh. What to do about all these mfking alley cats that just go willy nilly into yards. I have the same situation going here. I have to patrol the area to make sure it is safe before I let peanut out. And if I start to hear the yarls of cats then all bets are off. gloves go on. nightmares.
MM I'll take you up on the ferns offer! Thanks! yes Hostas are good, theres one called Ghost Spirit that has a white stripe down the center. I think a ghost in the garden would complement the yew tree nicely.
Fb, I dont want to deal with tetnus shots. I did the Hydrogen peroxide, a lot of it. Crazy. The chicken wire at the top of the wood fence isn't the most attractive thing but until now it's kept my cat in and the other cats out...
I'm inspired by seeing how beautifully filled out YOUR garden is! Climbing hydrangea is a greeat vine but it takes a few years to really get going. I had some upstate and in two years it grew like an inch. But they climb up to 40 feet and flower, they are really extrodinary once they get going.
Also a good vine for shade and north facing walls
Peeds, I'm on it. Will you be grill master?
I would hate my flowers to die of depression, that would be so... depressing.
no tetanus shot. just watch the bite and if it gets weird then deal. ugh!! it's hard to wait with the plants. my clematis vines are kind of sucking. just planted them this spring. the grass is taking forever to fill in, etc. but it will happen i hope. the plants you re starting with are pretty big already from the pics so i bet it's not long. that blue hydrangea is gorgeous. i love hydrangea. they're the best.
I'm interested in that no-moe grass you planted. Grass can be a pain to grow, I guess you always expect it to grow faster then it does when you first plant it cause established grass grows so fast.

Do you know the name of your clematis? i bet by august it'll be rocking and rolling
i don't know the name of the clematis... one is already flowering but the other is kind of stuck. i'll see what happens.

The no-mow is at - - the deal is that you don't have to water or mow it ever if you don't want to, once it's established. we are having a lot of crab or quack grass coming up with it though so I am out there weeding a ton. hopefully it will take over and squeeze out the weeds. they recommend adding some clover seed to problem areas and I think I may try this.
You gotta watch that hand and also be careful with Cy. I don't want him catching anything weird. Cats can really get into almost anywhere.
Yeah, they're like tall rats in that way
By the way, I am one of those "troublesome" types mentioned in that herb link.
Whoa, look at this shangra la-like place called your yard. A yard called somewhere. Well played, my friend.
THANK YOU CORNY AND MRS. CUB. The garden party was superb and delicious. The garden really is paradise.
yes, thank you! yummy and really fun to see your place.
also nice to meet mrs. cub!
Thanks for helping us divest of our meat collection. The broken fridge is now warm and we're having boulabaise and champaign for breakfast.
Dubz, I LOVE having you here, next time you come over i may have to chain you to a radiator and keep you or something.
wow, the garden club is in full effect! Well, if you'd like any input from the gay gardener, may I suggest bleeding hearts for shade? not only are they pretty, the name really puts it out there.
Yes, THANK YOU both for such a surprise amazing feast. The mounds is a national treasure as is your hosting skillz, Cy, Foghorn, and the lovely plants. The meats are in safe keeping here in the hood. Let us know when you're up and running and we will return. Although the shrimps are gonna fry today. Thank you!
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