Monday, June 19, 2006

Foghorn "shrimps" came home from the bird shop this weekend. It's been non stop excitment having this little guy in our house. He's alreaty made a break for it out an open sliding glass door. Preliminary talks with Cy the cat were encouraged before both parties decended into full fledged war. This meeting went very well (both parties sniffed each others faces) which has helped build our confidence for the next round of peace talks. However we are being cautiously optimistic since yesterday evening's sharp spike in violence involving Cy chasing the young bird up a window screen resulting in Foghorn being stuck in an unreachabe place between the screen and raised window also there was a lot of panicked squaking. We maintain the need for peace based on the principle "Thou shall not eat your brother."

Oh my zod! What a cutie Foghorn Shrimps is!! So beautiful and wise looking. Cy needs to back off a bit, but what's a poor cat to do in the presence of tweety bird?
I know peeds, he is cute as hell. He looks like he's always smiling like a little buddha
He doesn't even look real. At first I thought it was a doll you brought back from Mexico. I say, I say, what a winner, I say. (Foghorn Leghorn Shrimps)
I don't know what to say. This is even better than Yo La Tengo, for sure!
silly. there's nothing better than yo la tengo. not sex, not drugs, not nice green buds....

write me in a medical question, dammit! I'm not getting enough biz from you healthy folk. Patients up the wazoo here in clinic though. only 2 more weeks of this hellhole, then starts my quest for personal fullfillment...
Euphoric/disphoric who ever you are, i'm sure you're great lovely person but I hate Yo La Tengo and quite frankly, your wearing on my nerves.
sorry. I won't bother you anymore.
Thanks Euphoric/Disphoric, sorry. I hate myself right now but i hate YoLaTengo even more and I'm just not game for playing with strangers. You've dropped hints that we know eachother but i asked you if I knew you, I didn't get no reply.

Anyhow, happy trails.
I'm not "euphoric" though, don't know who's writing those comments and can't control it. I won't comment here anymore.

no hard feelings
Mamma always said...don't talk to strangers.

Anyway, I am waiting for a rescue chopper to air-lift me outta this hell I call beige.
hey corny, man... give us a chance, ok? we're from New Jersey and we do a wicked cover of "somebody's baby" by Jackson Browne...
Oh my god, what a darling little feller!
So poignantly handsome in the golden sunlight, so dignified yet chummy-seeming. Here's to hoping Foghorn "shrimps" and Cy can let go and let god.
yes, letting the good times roll. Capt'n the descriptions of the waves you caught recently are amazing, love the detail. I'm learning a lot about surfing from your blog which will come in handy for when we eventually visit and have to live up to the name Noref*ckeneasters
I'm waitin' for the day, bubba.
Corny! Chicks on speed-Si!Si!Si! After Boadwee's shindig if same day? I truly love them.
KBeans, What day is Keiths thing?
Foghorn is really a handsome yet open looking little guy, I'm with you Capt'n. I think you should bring in an animal psychic to resolve issues between species, or maybe anna deveare smith could make a one woman dialogue inhabiting the different positions involved in the conflict before it escalates like in crown heights. then you can combine art and therapy for the first time ever in the whole world.
That reminds LIC, near the studio, there is a coin-operated machine that says: "Learn how to talk to your pet" or something like that. I think I need to try it, although I don't have a pet. But it is the most hysterical looking machine.
pd, maybe you should get a pet. may i suggest a hedgehog? they're really cute and nocturnal and you have to slowly gain their trust in order to have communication and a relationship, aka they're shy. hmm, now that i write it out, it sounds terrible. but they're so cute! google image search them, posthaste. i kind of wanted one, but i think mister would undo all of the hard emotional work in one chomp.
Oh they are cute. But maybe not to keen on a good cuddle now and again. I was thinking of getting a llama.
does this mean foghorn is a parolette? he looks like one but i can't see all angles.
hey Suzanne, lovebirds are in the parrot family but they are a different specie then the parolette. I think lovebirds are a little smaller and tend to latch on to one person unless they are socialized when they're young to be comfortable arond two or more people. We looked at parolettes, in the end we got the love bird because it was a fraction of the price. parolettes must be harder to breed?
I just looked up parrotlets and it seems they come from mexico. Foghorn is from Angola.
aha! what i find fascinating about the expense of parolettes is that they are different prices for different colors. foghorn might enjoy reading ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE, to get back to his roots.
Thanks I'll look into it for him. I know with Love birds certain colors are more common, proly same with Parrotlets and why theys different prices? Just guessing. You should get a bird!! or do you have a bird? You got to come over and meet him.
i don't have a bird yet. i have a small silver marten rabbit and am dreaming of turtles and a bird. i'd love to see the little bugger. does he like saltines?
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