Saturday, June 17, 2006


I hear you Corns. We are naughty children when we all get together. At least there was some flailing.
Ruh Roh!
Us too, man, us too.
corny & emz, it was very nice 2 C U.
I don't remember much, but there are condiments in my underwear and I have the distinct impression I've been compromised in some unnatural way...
oh i love that hotel and stay there
often. their cold pizza buffets are
the best.
slothy, sorry for the relish poke. i figured since we didn't have a chance to talk i should at least violate you in some way before making my grand exit. i will pay for any drycleaning fees you may incur.
Not at all ww. It's all seasoning for the bum-stew. My heart broke a little when you left, sorry I was so tongue-tied. I found your spaz moves deeply moving.
oh, sloth. we'll meet again and i promise not to disappoint. btw, you are so smart in the ways of the paint. i would like to hear more.
I dont like it how the evil shadowy figure in that pic has a big jew nose and 6 fingers. anti-semetic or what?
you sound anti-semitic
I am sorry I didn't show you my tattoo, Dubz.
Oy, my head! And the tendinitis in my shaming hand is troubling me. But don't worry, I've scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ross for 4 o'clock, god willing...

photos the "pornography" has been removed

her myspace
In my professional opinion, that nose is not that typical of the jewish people (of which I proudly share genes with, along with the homos, psychiatrically ill, oversexed, and countless other traditionally marginalized folk). That nose is that of the Witchy breed. It probablly has a hairy mole on it.
ps... everybody knows that we ashkenazi's are not prone to polydactyly (doctorspeak for 6-fingers). We prone to Tay-Sachs, duh. I love sonic youth.
There is only room for one "oric" here and that's me. I am prone to Yo La Tengo.
I thought they looked great on Letterman. The wheatgrass is doing Kim right, but she needed to turn up her amp. Thurston, I'm afraid, had to do some choad-like moves, causing me to close my eyes in embarassment, which was good because I could then concentrate more on the music.
Yo La Tengo is the best band to set foot on the earth! Georgia Hubley has owned my heart forever, is this, perhaps, is why I will never ever be lucky enough to be in a long-term relationship. You, euphoric, are my alter-ego.

I was lucky enough to use the same bathroom stall as Kim Gordon a few months ago at the CUNY grad center. we are forever linked in the toilet seat kind-of way.

ps- this amazing blog has inspired me to start my own. Boy is it boring so far! Come visit. I will trade medical advice for whatever you offering. Gotta go watch the world cup. hot bodies. can't help but root for ITaliy after my recent adventure.
pd, i just woke up and your tattoo was on my mind. i just wish i knew what it looked like!!?!?!?
Dubz, I just woke up too and my tattoo is on my.....

What a day. I am useless. I just went out for coffee and the neighborhood perv. asked me who I want to win tonight, Italy or US. ITALY of leave me be.
i too am useless peeds. like a sack of shit basically. sleep helped but i'm afraid today is probably gonna be lame and unproductive. is your tattoo on your weiner? sorry if that's personal but it's the spot that seems most likely.
Weiner, YES! You win. Now you get a free piece of donut jewelry.
I'm a butt head I think I lost my phone last night and all my phone numbers with it... aaargue
That was fun. WW we'll be arranging for a private consultation for custom fitted donut jewlery, yes?
sux about your fone! maybe it went overboard with the tampon? a custom fitting would make me feel special (i.e. funny)... so yes, please.
corny, I have your phone & have been using it to call my girlfriend in Singapore, hope you don't mind. If you knew how hot she is you'd understand.

Know any good baby names?
And then hungover on Sunday morning, too.
Good one.
Corny, I think I sent you an epic-length text message...sorry, but anyway, I hope the girl in Singapore enjoys it. I was telling you that you are excellent, but probably she is excellent, too.


just another drunken sailor
that's funny about the girl in singapore. My cell phone was lost/stolen in Washington Heights, and there were 45 calls to Haiti and the DR within the first hour. It wouldn't have been so bad if the stupid Catherine Zeta Jones company didn't make me pay for the whole bill! They said it was my responsibility to cancel my service when I realized my phone went missing (which I did). losers. But if somebody is making a young hot lady in Sinapore happy, maybe it's not such a bad thing to sponsor this relationship...I had no hangover this whole weekend, but I'm worried about tomorrow am.
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