Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Act I: Not so very long ago, in a suburb of a rich and fashionable capital city, a young orphaned woman called Cinderella lived with her Stepmother and two ambitious Stepsisters." So begins the program for James Kudelka version of Cinderella performed by the American Ballet Theater. We saw it at the Met Saturday night and were blown away. Prokovfiev's score is beautiful and the choreography was GENIUS. The ambitious Stepsisters stole the show, they danced the entire thing off ballance like a couple of elegant clods stumbling around on pointe(!). Cinderella danced the first act barefoot, in second act the fairy godmother visits with "Blossom," "Petal," "Moss," and "Twig," who bring Cinderella her ball gown and point shoes and teach her to dance. The shoe at the center of the story becomes a metaphor. Once Cinderella gets her slippers "the girl rises--literally--into womanhood. Dancing on pointe demonstrates growing mastery at the same time that it poses formidable new challenges." The program goes on to explain, "a dancer on pointe is a kind of miracle: an entire human being skimming along with the smallest possible speck of contact with the dull, sublunary earth. That effortlessness is only possible after endless hours of rigorously disciplined effort. " When the prince sets off on his globe spanning hunt to find the owner of the slipper he encounters a Nordic skier (on skis), a Spanish senorita (in flamenco shoes), a Dutch skater (on rolling clogs), a giggling geisha (barefoot), in the final act, Cinderella prances around the kitchen lopsided with one foot en pointe, the other bare. It was all pretty funny and well done. We took my 7 year old neice who was totally blissed out. More dance reviews coming up, we're going to see Layla Childes and Sonya Robbins's new piece. Check out this massive and AMAZING REVIEW in the times about the piece they're doing this weekend, it sound brilliant.

Morning fancy lord of the Corn! This is such a sweet post. Glad you had fun with your niece.

Later we take it, out chop it up, and put it in the frying pan.
And never ever let you forget your a man...and I'm a woman!
Corns, years ago I saw Taming of the Shrew by ABT and it was a blast.

By the way...can you remember one joke from the other night? Alls I remember are the punchlines--Flatbush, Bushwick....
I'll take Brooklyn humor for 400 alex.

What does Brooklyn and pantyhose have in common
what does Brooklyn and tampons have in common.
Boohoo. I missed some fun it sounds like. Is it cuz I am a man?
blossom, petal, moss, and twig. these are my peoples. corny, this sounds like a fun show - and it's great that you get out to see dance. it's something i rarely do. If only i had a seven year old niece to take....

i am sad i will miss this fryday. instead I will be frying my skin in the sun. look out catbites.
I been working on my gobstopper. So far it turned yellow and then dried up to a yucky white. I hope to have more to report on later. It tastes delicious and gives me important energy nutrients I require as a laterally expanding unit.
there's lots o bush in brooklyn, clearly.
Have fun FB! You rule the twigs.
What are....punchlines that end in "bush", Alex.

Thanks Corns. Mm, your stick prevents you from enjoying the humor of the bush.
mm, that's funny. my breakfast this morning: club soda and skittles. seriously.
FB: you goin' to the beach???
But when Frogs smears anesthetic on my ding dong, I am practically like a girl. I swear. The hairs practically fall out.
I am eating Starburst for breakfast.
MMM. FB, I always wished candy would fizz like alka seltzer tablets if you put them in liquids. They should. It's a cruel joke.
I am eating my rancid armpit on a slice of wonder bread.
yes i'm a going to fire island for today/tomorrow. i feel fancy. i am returning early to go to the shack on sunday. the shack needs some feeding. skittle feeding. with tonic water sprtizer form of elf.
all of my pit areas are suffering this morn mm. i think it is because of cheese.
FB, I can't stop thinking abotu that studio. Should I call your landlady?
Nice FB. Sorry for hogging your box Corns.
Fb, You CAN go to childrens ballet! True the audience was made up of families with kids (mostly little girls, there were lots of gay men in the house. Hilarious really.

I thinks you can pass as a gay man, just swish a little more you know? Easier then passing as a 7 yr.old
Have fun!! I want to see the skittle eaters in the shack...some day soon. No pressure. By the way, I found your images on the mag. site finally--SO GREAT!! Especially the owl / pentagram one.
i will email you the number.
Fire Island, a perfect place to practice becomming a gay man!
I am blasting the New Pornographers now--totally drowning out my nabe.
Hey, what Mag site? What owl? What pentagram?
I shaved off the bloody gaping wounds formerly known as underarms.
What did you do with them Corny? I hope you saved them.
Corns, Ms. FB is featured in Ruby Magazine. There is a link on her last blog post. Go.
FB! Have you ever tried skittles in a yogartcoffeeGrapenuts paste? It's SO deliscious your head will EXPLODE.
They're around here somewhere MM. I'll check the pockets of the balloon pants I was wearing yesterday.
I have Stilton roll-on deodorant. I smell ripe.
I am confused by reality.
Were they really made of balloons? Your pants? I don't understand.
You only got down one layer in the gobstopper? Geez MM, whatchoo been doing all week?
I've been going lick by lick. Slow like a fascist.
Yes Goon, for the last time, the pants are made out of balloons. The neighborhood hooligans think it's funny to throw darts at me but I don't think it's funny, I think it hurts deep inside and the puncture wounds are nothing to laugh at.
thanks pd! i am glad you found the website. it's a little weird/random but ??

who would like a skittle coated donut hole?
Lick by Lick: An Autobiography
Fb, it is great. I liked your stuff the best. Just sayin.
I would. I need more sugar.
Lick by lick. slowly, the oral fascist
wears down the resolve of the gobstopper. It will reveal it's secret!
I gotta check it out. But meanwhile I must tell you of the explosion of goofy, spastic and lovely images I beheld at the shack of FB. Serene and jumpy all in one. Bouquets of strangeness. Mind tangles.
Donut holes are a confusing lie. The round thing they tell you is a hole is actually a hole plug.
FB I want to see these relics too... I'm trying to find them...
OMG they're beattiful. I love the owl under the drippy landscape LOTS!What are these made out of?
mm, thank yu for helping!!! talking me down and such. i am a mess of nervous disorders. i am glad you found the relics somewhat serene. this is good.
drippy owl is embroidery, beads, satin and such. the black one, right? he's a dum dum. thanks for lookin.
I love owls I really do. Especially psychedelic ones. The black owl with the pntagram necklace under the dripping land/sky is freaking me out. Is it a painting or stitchery or a combo?
Yeah, he doesn't look like the all time wisest owl....
DumDum owl shall be my spirit guide.

Old nag, you're fired.
'Owl' catch you guys later...
I've got an 'art emergency' here at the ice castle...
Corns--I love that one too.

I am trying to tear myself away from the computer so that I can go to the shack. This is hard.
me too, PD. I need more fuel. I'll try floating some Starbursts in my coffee.
donut holes are a sham for sure. we make them here and sell them at 400% markup. where can i see these owls fb?
I can't fit a donut in my hole. Should I get that checked out?
no vapes it's fine. the hole in the donut goes around the hole in the bum, like a fancy ring. an a-hole bracelet of sorts. sorry to have to be the one to clarify that.
donut holes make good bum-gags. just sayin.
Crullers are very effective ritual devices. just sayin.
Best regards from NY!
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