Monday, May 01, 2006

Yesterday the Mrs. Took me to 33rd and Bird which just reopened in the South Bronx, SoBro if you will, (as Seamonkey says, and you will!) where we adopted a little 2 week old Love bird. He has to stay at the shop for another 5 weeks until he's old enough to come home. Right now he doesn't have alot of feathers, he's got "points" which look like tiny little sticks coming out of his head which eventually open up into feathers. We don't know if he'll be green or blue or if it's a boy or girl, but he's damn cute!

Here are names thought up last night by Vaper-eyes and Sloth and me.

Beaks -Beaksie
Feathers McGraw
Jonathan Swift
Mr. Peeps
Johnathan Livingston Lovebird
Lil' Pecker
Copa Cabana
We're very fond of Foghorn, thanks for that Sloths
Corny, I forgot to say CONGRATS on your menagerie expansion; whatever the name, s/he is one lucky duck.
Dance Fever (It’s all Greek to me) ceci n’est pas a review....

Cats was a running joke and always ready punch-line at the Gober studio back in the day... So def cracked me up to see the infamous eyes included in the back drop @ The Kitchen... Is theatricality inherently absurd? Are painters most often ambivalent about dance?

The front of the screen/set was classic cub, though the verso was what really turned me on, looked like some was painted and some photo printed (?) and reminded me in a great way of the late Michel Majerus.

Was talking with Layla recently how gratuitous nudity is a trope of contemporary dance- that said I like looking at breasts- more than I thought. Arto Lindsay's score was fantastic, and when Deborah Harry came out in full Warhol inspired vintage Stephen Sprouse camo-wear, which I assume must be from her own collection, I was fully boned.

Def glad I saw it, and in retrospect moments of beauty flicker back in my head, though we were packed in like sardines- really the seats where set up so I was practically sitting in my friend’s lap, and there were moments of collapse which made me question how dance functions as a narrative device- or maybe I’m just a painter.

That said, the show is quite ambitious with a dream team of collaborators- 10 years ago when Move was doing Martha @ Mother, those bitches tried to sue him, today he is performing with them- and might just be the cats-alyst that saves their asses. Move! Work! Jazz Hands!
Sammy Davis Jr., Cool, thats a good review.
I'm not sure about dance as narrative device, in this case it's slightly awkward, the dance stops and starts and becomes illustriative of what's happening in the story, the fight scene dance followed by the death scene dance, etc. Balanchine seamlessly intergrates the story into movement, but he's a master. In dance the movement itself is important, it may contain a story but the movement is the core. Pookie is interested in spectacle more then choreography, the dance seems less important then the story. Thats not to say it's not a good show. I can't get over the final scene, it blew me straight the hell away, so beautiful.
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Is theatricality inherently absurd?

Answer : Positively and catagorically YES!
Sammy the show was kitchy/irony filled but then there were moments that were serious and aspired to real drama, did it work for you? Was it taking itself too seriously?
I’m fascinated by the Wagnerian idea of the total art work, so have a lot of respect for what this show attempts- the combination of art, dance, music, text, performance, the cult of personality, etc.

Sometimes it seems the things that are spoofed- reality/game shows are not as fascinating as the actual things themselves- is America’s Top Model already the perfection of kitch/irony?

A prob I have with video sometimes too, what it is referencing is often less captivating that the source. Some people behind us where greatly amused and laughing out loud at the lip-synch dialogue, which was very clever, though didn’t think it was LOL. Sometimes an audience is desperate to engage.

Move is a very smart artist and I look forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve- the future of dance might depend on it.
the future of dance might depend on it
Dance! Dance Fever was my fave.
Dancers make the best party guests.
So do Prancers
The Prancers rule the world!
But back on point:
So do pouncers.
oh corns! congrats on the lil peeper. I watched a show the other night that featured a fowl championship show, like a dog show, called fowl play. yup. and spent most of the show imagining a back yard filled with silky roosters and the names i would give them.
Will this be cat torture or doomed, unrequited desire?
I'm picturing Foghorn riding around on Cy the cat's head, the captin of his own four legged furry ship. Cy is obediant and will learn to submit.

Fairy B, you must to go to the Dutchess County Fair this summer to see the CRAZY chickens and roosters, I have the same vision for our back yard!
Just can't help but think of the tragic love between Pepe LaPew and that kitten he thought was a skunk.
Yeah, kelly Pepe was a true believer, totally irrational, and deluded, but he was happy all the time, being in love in an unrequited love relationship is a high
James and I can't cat sit (allergies), but we would love to bird sit if needed!
Best regards from NY! » » »
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