Friday, May 12, 2006

Tango dancers do it, legs do it, Hummers do it, marks do it, Armstrong does it, pants do it, old ladies at bus stops do it, and today to big ol paintings in my studio are going to do it.

fold, spindle, mutilate... good luck with the rollwich, corns!
I cant wait to see them tomorrow. good luck!
Stretch it, Corns! You are in the home stretch. We are waving you in at home plate.
I saw your relics (photos) and I'm afraid to move for fear of missing some life altering experience. MM's relics cause me to sway with the wind and emit strange sounds. But today I am reverent.
Hey Nicole that painting at Boadwee Blog is incredible! When did you start going so HUGE?? I wanna see your new show, what are the dates?
Hey patrick, the show is up 5/13-6/17 I'll be at the gallery 5/20 hanging out talking to peops on the Horts Artwalk so pop in then if you can.
The stretch was a sticky wicket or whatever they say.
The strechers turned out to be about 6 inches too small all around so the paintings are cropped in an awkward way. It's startling for me to see them cropped so tight after looking at them on my wall for the past year with 5-6 inch border of extra canvas...
The guy who builds my strechers estimated how much extra canvas you need to strech and it was way too much, I argued it with him but deferred to his "expertise", turns out i was right and the stretcher bars are smaller then they had to be. Whatev, I'm POed and needing to vent.
The pictures go around the edge of the stretcher, i know this is a small detail but it looks really odd in places.

): /
Corns I bet they look amazing. They are so gigantic and luminous and complex that they will dazzle no matter what. I am sure.
Corns, I am sure they are still kick-ass in a big way, but that won't stop me from jamming a stretcher bar up the guy's ass. Try and stop me.
Splitski! Make like a tree and leave!

Corny, love to you and wishing for the big big funs at your opening.
I'll try to make it, for now that image is my monitor background-WOW!
Pat, you are too sweet.

PS I saw Jack last week, he's doing really well, though maybe you'de like to shove something up his ass? (not in the good way)
Speaking of shoving, vapes, I think I'll bring my delux set of cherry pits to the party to spice things up. Capt'n, I'll be thinking of you kids. Please catch the nearest wave for me and give it a good spanking.
MM, you do know a thing or two about dazzling...

what a great show and probably one of the most crowded openings I've ever been to.
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