Monday, May 15, 2006

Sit comfortably erect, without leaning forward or backward, left or right. Close your eyes and think of a globual. So just tell yourself, "May I find a glob." Remind yourself that true globbiness is something that comes from within, this is not a selfish desire. In fact, if you find and develop the resources for producing small, dense, round clouds of gas within you, radiate them out to other people. I am radiating globs to whoever reads this. Globs and globs to you!

Is my gas that noticeable? I thought I was using my inside gas globules.
Hi stinky,
Thank you for conjuring globs with out mercy.
I am a glob-conjurer of the highest order.
I'd like to order a glog with a side of cheese fries, super size it please!
Good idea Stacey, that will definitely give you the gas.
is it safe to smoke cigarettes in here?
kelli, thanks for being the proprietrix of the VIP smoking lounge saturday. Please report to logworld and click on the picture of the samba line to see pics of the boss man spaz dancing like it's 1999.
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There's some nasty vapors goin' down here.
here she is, my dream girl
cough cough, it IS nasty vapes, you wouldn't believe the emanations! My eyes have been watering all day, I'm dehydrated actually.
Sorry. I am not helping.
stinky, your not hurting either! The day is almost over and I'm compleatly satisfied with the globs you have reared, and without restraint.
Sloth thank you for humanizing THE MAN. THe carbon monoxide detector in the office keeps going off and Stacie the temp looks green. Does Corny give her health insurance?
Corny, I am hoarding my globs under the covers. One day I will take control of the world by threatening to unleash them on humanity. shhh, don't tell anyone & I promise I'll appoint you to an important cabinet position...
corny & kelli, your boss did a most impressive job of folding his very tall frame into a small enough packet to crawl between the legs of some rather short persons. he must have truly tapped into the power of spaz!
It is good to have a contortionist / dealer.
Working at Jack's was sorta fun, I was very confused and made alot of really stupid decisions. My classes at Hunter are going well, what path do you think I should pursue, applied art/illustration? I am 33 and it don't look too good to me out there...ANY advice would help, thanks.
I dunno pat, the idea of applied art sounds good in terms of being able to uh, apply it. I think there are more illustrators then any other profession in NY, at least thats what New York Magazine said a few years back, if you do it, the SVA graduate illustration dept is really the place to be.
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