Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ruh Row, now what? Three new activities I'm thinging of getting heavily involved in.

Thats all. My mind, shes a wasteland. Is it ok to start watching TeeVee at 11:30am?

Golden Girls on Lifetime...just sayin...
I'm pretty sure i've seen every episode by now... what do you know about Boy Meets World?
yes. everybody knows tee vee watching is always encouraged. how else can we relate to our fellow americans? you could go shoppin and buy stuff up. stuff stuff stuff tee vee, more stuff and more tee vee = American.
Murder She Wrote is on! I love jessica fletcher, she's the original bike cop.
I love stuff. I prefer to shop lift or have other people buy me the stuff. I like my stuff hard, sleek and severe
Anon, do you want to come over and watch celebrity poker Showdown with me? We can fast forward through the boring parts and just watch commercials.
2 friends of mine were on celeb. poker last weekend. It's less celeb poker than it is annoying ivy-league arrogant celeb. wanna-be poker with friends who ditched their wives and young children in prospect park with me while they went to play celeb poker.

But, that said, I'd rather be there watching TV with you than here trying to dodge work lef and right...
I wish somebody else had watched America's Next Top Model. Horrified and fascinated by Jade. In between saying that "elephants are part of the dinosaur family"and alienating other women she found time to talk about herself in the third person. It was adorable.
Corny, I wish i could come over to your couch right now and watch America's Favorite Head Injuries, plus The Dog.
Anon, you are cracking my ass right the hell up. God, too funny.
Kelli I'm bummed I missed this season of ANTM, it's too late to come into it now. I love Jade, I am Jade too much of the time.
I shoot you.
bang bang

my bullets for you are gentle sedatives. Rest now.
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