Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Word has it this movie is scary and powerful. Al Gore campaigns to raise public awareness of the dangers of global warming and calls for immediate action to curb its destructive effects on the environment.

"An Inconvenient Truth" opens in New York next Wednesday, May 24th, and
how it does on opening weekend will determine how many other cities get to see it, basically if enough people see it here in NYC or LA from Wendsdays through the weekend it will be released country wide. get tickets and or see the trailer here.

I'm there, even though it will be more scare than any of the Halloween movies! I almost feel like buying up a ton of tix and giving them out on the street so everyone can see it.
Yeah, me too Vapes, though I'm remembering now hearing something about it being too late, no matter what we do to reverse our bad consumpion habits we've put the ball in motion, like that Burt Renolds movie with the giant snowball rolling down the mountain getting bigger and bigger, crushing everything in its path, that kind of ball.
What? You mean Cannonball Run? Or was it THE END (a frickin funny film).

I know we are already screwed. But I think there are so many idiots who don't realize it and don't want to hear it. They also don't want to assign blame to the little shmuck who helped get us there a lil' faster.
P.S. I am lovin' that sidebar song you posted. Call the fire station! Badda boom boom.
vapes, I just mis-read your first comment. I thought you were going to buy up a ton of Trix... maybe build an island out of them where we can all live? It would be so cool... for breakfast we just dig a little hole & pour milk in & bob's yer uncle.
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Trix are for kids!

I was talkin' 'bout turning trix on the street in order to afford to buy movie tix.
Sloths, that is brilliant. I was just doing some important research for ABCN, watching the season opener of America's Next Top Inventor... all these eager young thinkers with inventions like clothing for your car or putting on heafty bag and peeing into a ziplock baggy when you have to go numero uno in public and have no access to a bathroom and let me tell you Sloths, Trix Island is right up there with the best of them. Maybe our only hope for salvation.
PeeEss, I'll happily live there with you guys, I'm hoping Trix Island somewhere warm.
If Gore had won we'd at least be driving different cars. How bad things have gotten, biblical floods, giant tidal wives...The urine cape guy from America's inventor looked like Dracula and the cape was really vampiric. I think he was 1 of the 4 horsemen of this apocolypse. Incontinence.
To funny. God I'm so glad someone else saw that, he was a right nutter talking about taking it for a test run at a crowded bus stop in his neighborhood. I'm wondering if all the horsemen aren't inventors.
"The urine cape guy"

going to sleep laughing, thanks kelli.
By the way, I rode in my first hybrid car yesterday. It was a smooth ride.
Hybrids are awsome. I love how quite they are, no noisy combustion engine...
I wanna trade the jammy jar in for a Hybrid
it is time for the world to explode. (i think i am quoting mm here)

post nuclear rain of trix for all.
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