Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Monday night:
Bottles of beer were being chilled inside a baby grand piano filled with ice but we opted to start the evening off with with a pink Champaign the likes of which were out of this world. The walls of the gallery papered with black seaweed and the table for 40 was gold leafed and topped with candelabras made out of fish. Sloth accompanied me to Paul Renners Hardcore Dinner Monday night at Leo Koenig Gallery. Paul is doing a weeklong dinner party, each night a new theme. Monday's dinner was called Fertile Breasts/Abundance and Excess. New York Magazine has a feature about it, the article claims we were eating calf’s tongue with wasabi caviar served on a bed of blossoms (an ode to cunnilingus)... is that what that was? The food was delicious, the desert by Will Cotton was spectacular, a heaping pile of cakes and tarts and donuts... made Mount Clowington look like a wart in comparison, dinner was topped off with an inverted stripe-tease by Dirty Martini where she started somewhat naked and dressed herself. One of the highlights of my evening was meeting Durian Gray, one of the co-authors of The Decadent Traveller, the Decadent Cookbook and the Decadent Gardener, three amazing books that came into my life this fall and are must reads, but more on Durian Gray later. Paul is a jovial and charismatic host, he was able to make 40 people feel cozy sharing a strange and beautiful meal together.

I am cooking tonight. It will be more Italianate in flavor-flaves, COrn. But delicious all the same.
I bet you're a damn good cook Peeds, i'm picturing a stuffed rigatoni the size of a bazooka
You gots to come over for dinner one night. I just came back from shopping at 6 different stores to get what I need. An Italian tradition.
make that manicotti
I have a small place, or I would invite all the ether folks to dine....
I'm making some throw pillows in the shape of raviolis and stuffed manicotties. the pillows are stuffed with my fat.
we can stand outside and you can throw the food down on us
hose me down with ricotta Peeds, cheese is the salvation
Ricotta baths are full of healing properties. If you want fuller pillow, you must use my fat!
did you see Sloths comments on Ednas blog? Theys is really smart comments.
I'll be right over with my buck knife and a bucket, I think my pillows are plenty fluffy but if you think they gound be fluffier...
Hot ricotta baths, this is a million dollar idea, we can open a bath house/spa on Grand street!
Yes, Slothy sure does turn things around over there! It is a pleasure to read her smartness.
We can mix it up in the spa..Hot Ricotta with olive tapenade, hot ricotta with marinara, hot ricotta with Tony Soprano's hairy ass...
The hot tub will be built in a oversized replica of tony sopranos sphincter, the hot ricotta is stired up by built in air jets. all visitors to the tub will recieve a bootie bag filled with coupons for Ruby Tuesdays and buck knifes and stuff.
it's going to be BUG peeds. really really BIG. are you ready to do the morning talk show circut?
ednas blog comments get icky. One rash and offensive declaration after another.
roger that.
schoolmarm is SO unsexy. at least JD got to be a henchman.
Sloth, are you a mean schoolmarm? Do you whip your students when they misbehave? 'Cuz I for one am Abu-Ghraib-like in my henchman-ness.

The dinner sounds decadent indeed, though I bet it didn't come near the meat hats. They are making me hungry.

PD, I hear through the grapevine that you are a fabulous cook. . . EC told me, I think!
really, I like schoolmarm, very dirty dirty bookworm, one of my favorite seductress tropes
jd you were are the voice of reason on that thread, like blog-ginger you clear the pallet
my ruler is out & i am ready to do some DAMAGE.
jd, your henchiness is not to be matched.
great! i'm ready to start my new life as a prison inmate today, lets head over to the seaport and randomly wack the shit out of tourists with your rulers, maybe we can share a cell?
really, I think those morons don't know what to do about the fact that you leave ACTUALLY INTELLIGENT comments.
off to donut factory, 'bye kids...
Sloth, that guy you were wrestling with made a painting of a girl bleeding from the ass and the blood flowing into a bottle of wine. craziest POS I've ever seen.
I try JD. EC is kind. I am home roasting beets. I agree with Corns, (I think I told you this before) you are the voice of reason! Way to go on Edna's.
Sloth, your comments were simply out of the league of those dumbbells on Edna's blog.

Corny, I actually had to restrain myself from becoming very adolescent, mean and personally insulting in my response. It might be time for an alter-ego on that blog. . . Hmmmm.

PD, please Fedex me some roasted beets. Are they caramelized and deliciously crispy on the outside?
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