Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's tumbleweed city around here. Nothing much to report on. I spent the day wondering from room to room and then did a slide talk at Queens College that 3 students showed up for. Meanwhile BoadweeBlog is ON FIRE. Keiths photoshopping skills are sick and vicious and the music recommendations are always spot on. Was too exhausted to go to The Bloodarm show in Philly tonight. Ben Lee, forgive me, I know, lame.

I like this photo of the man and his dangler.

P.S. thanks for the props
p.p.s. my best gay blogs interview will be up on sunday and you feature heavily!
oh shit, really it's tomorrow? I thought it was tonight? cool.
Sugababes Bet you look good on the dancefloor. Awsome cover, thanks.
boadwee, I'm a dirty dirt pit, land on me please.
spread those bat wings and fly, be free, mr. b...

corny, philly is beckoning; can't you hear its siren song?
((((So if you're travellin' in the sky
Don't be surprised if someone said Hi
I'm Mandy fly me))))
This image is close to my gonads. I am ready to fly into the pavement, it stands in as a perfectly good substitute for heaven.
the atmosphere surrounding falling meat is heaven, no so much so is the fastest growing name in the history of trendy names, Nevaeh (Heaven spelt backwards) says todays
MM if you fly to the pavement I'll mop you right up and make a nice pulpy soup for us all to enjoy. Your gonads are salty treats!
Yes Corny, they are salty and sweet, all in one. YOu may partake of the pulpy soup whenever I am done smashing myself. I love you.
I was gonna name my baby girl Puos!! Which is soup spelled backwards--how funny! We will have mm soup on the day of her birth!
Whose box needs punching?
I'll take a boot in the box, please.
Yup, me 2. One giant herculean punch to the box. Thanks MM.
I'd like a box punch. make mine crispy
sign me up for a totalitarian goose step/kick
I'll kick my own box thanks.
I want a chicken finger to the box too. Maybe after the kicking?
finger kickin' good...
Whoa, it's like a Diebenkorn, except with flying nude man.
I found a nice salami out here in Connecticut. I am having that with some zalad.
You and boadwee could reenact that scene from Rocky in Philadelphia. It might feel really triumphant.
PHILLY in the house, yo! Don't forget to pick up some Tastykake butterscotch krimpets for the Capt'n.
And for pd, too, yo.
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