Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm not a big soul/gosple/funk/hiphop fan, but here are all these genres mashed together by Gnarls Barkley, Cee-lo Green and Danger Mouse (of the infamous Gray Album) to make a joyful cover of an old spiritual classic. Barkley made chart history in Brittain with this single "Crazy", it went straight to number one the day it was released before a single copy was sold because of digital downloads and it stayed at number one for eight weeks. Yesterday it broke a record for longest-running chart-topper. Crazy sits at number 34 in Billboard's Top 100, so you might start hearing this on the radio, but incase you don't check out the video below. The album, St.Elsewear, is getting all sorts of rave reviews, might have to break my "No Soul" rule and pick this up.

Mornin' Corns.

I love this song. It has awakened me this sleepy morning. And I am it fits.
I wish I knew how to add music. but I can barely see.
Corny! One small step for ABCN... one giant leap for mankind.

Beautiful video, buttery tune. Thanks, cub.
Krix is helping... first step is setting up a website to upload files to. Not sure i need anymore ether related activities in my life, though being inside all summer would be good for my skin.
Hi Sloths.

I saw someone walking down my block yesterday wearing 70's gym shorts, her skin was so pale she was almose green colored (maybe reflecting the trees?) she looked like a hipster martian. I wanted to throw a rock at her
hi corns,

I have the record if you want a copy. I like it ok - but I'm so not the funk/soul fan either so can't give it a super thumbs up. Some of the songs seems too cheesy for the FB, but some are pretty good. I like the straight-up hippity hop better. hot 97'yall. true. it's true.
corny, next time you see martian girl, entice her into the Mounds with candy & tie her up. then call me, okay?
Hey corny, nice pick. I was listening to a couple of samples from this cd at the Other Music website. I'm soft for the funkSoulRnBHipHop stylings.

I think MySpace will also allow you to upload music although I'm not sure how they monitor it. I know I have a few buddies who upload their original stuff to MySpace for downloading and distribution.
Thanks Krix, Yeah, MySpace... but then you have to link to that site to get to the music, I want to upload songs and get an address for each song so I so cut out the middle man. I think I'm going to sign up with that web host you set me...
Sloths, that martian girl best watch out. I'll call you the second she is secured.

Fb, I'm going to save my money. 12 bucks, that one 10th a new pair of shoes.
Corny that has to be wierd to live in W'burg. It would make me feel old. Everybody in Ditmas Park has colostomy bags and walkers. My mobility makes me feel hot.
Sloths just convinced me to post about a DJ gig i have tonight at Galopagos Art Space in Williamsburg. My set is from 10 to 12 though I'll proly only go an hour, hour1/2... please come, help protect me when they angry mob decides to hang the dj.

Kelli, I've been feeling old for a decade or more... I don't notice it any more, or my memory is so bad, I forget to remember to feel old.
Last night a DJ saved my life, and I'm hoping one will tonight too. I'll be there to slice anyone who tries to hurt you.
colostomy bags and walkers can be hot too! remember, beauty is what is on the INside. [good luck trying to get a bunch of visual artists to accept that one...]
opps, that was me.

--not anon anymore.
the walkers could be hot in a J.G.Ballard, incapacitation, stilleto heels kind of way but the whole colostomy bag/scat thing I'm just not sure.
Johnny Walker can be hot.
This one don't do much for me, but I gotta say I'm really diggin' the konichiwa bitches and working is no problem. I really like "I'll hammer your toe like a pediatrician, I'll count you out like a mathmetitian."
The Mrs. and I have been adding on things like,
I'll cut you up like you're in my kitchen
I'll paint a landscape like my name is Titian
I'll etch your face like an aesthetician
I'll hook you up like I've gone fishin'
on 2nd thought, kelli is right, as always. colostomy not hot. hot is all about how people be looking on the outside. sigh
I realized it was mean after I said it. I've been hand-feeding the cat chicken to work out the bad karma.
Hi Capt'n Big hearts Big Big big Hearts.

Your rhymes are ACE
Nicole, I posted some of the work I did this semester on my blog: note: these are the FIRST drawings I have EVER done. I also copied a Luc Tuymans and did a few collages...taking drawing this summer, if you have a min. take a look. I am seeing your show this weekend.
Hey pat, I like those drawings of the heads, they look like police sketchs of murders or something. Good work! what kind of degree are you going for? What field of study?
Studio Art, painting/drawing. I will try to sell some work, become a professional artist and teach?? Or become an illustrator or something...
Which school? I think you told me once but i can't remember.
Hunter, those are supposed to be self-portraits, I was just happy to get a form rendered. drawing starts June 1, this last class was an introduction
I saw you tonight and it was so good. But now sleep is disallowed in my formation. I am nothing but amphibious rocker Frog portion. I loved your "set".
Frogs, help me! I need more sleep. Do something. I think I love you even more after last night.
ouchy. I'm finally going to see the
Biennial today, that will make my hangover go away... right? right?
Corns, any interest in posting a french fry sculpture? Just wonderin.
Am hungover today from: Rite-Aid brand vodka drinks at Galapagos, bad rap music following DJ Twunt's set, toxic fumes from decomposing Eva Hesse sculptures at the Jooshmuseum.

-michael b
Corny, you were in my dream last night.
Corn, weird you should bring up Gnarls Barkley. My students just gave me a couple CDs by him. Also Broken Social Scene which seemed amazing. I mean, I was stoned and working on my art project so I'm not sure if my perceptions will stand the test of time, that embittered old taskmaster.

By the way, in that remarkable and magic sculpture, has anyone commented on the daemonic old crone succubus face in the glass at right? By the way, I'm a big big fan o' the soul, but that's natural, me having begun my career as a little red-headed gospel sensation on the streets of Paris . . .
Keep up the good work » » »
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