Monday, May 22, 2006

If your thinking your to good to boogie (boogie) Boy oh boy have I got news for you

We've got a fanfrickentastic new feature here at ABCN. Belly up to the sidebar and download a *new* Song of the Week.. I may change the song more or less often so keep a look out. Right now I'm scouring the music blogs for MP3s I like, but any second now I'll figure out how to post music from my iTunes on to this blog. (Anyone know how to do it? I'll barter for tech support.)

Is this a photo of Stevie Nicks or Lindsey Buckingham? I get them mixed up.
CORNY, let me know the second you figure this out! xo kb
p.s. got my ticket to come visit you. maxed out my time as much as i could. i want to see a lot of art when i'm there. xo kb
Yea! whats yur dates?
This woman is mystical, did you notice the floating hour glass on her chest/belly? looking into her eyes gives me a migrain.
Corny, thank you for the new feature! You are a most helpful and thoughty corns. My ears are cocked & ready for the brave new waves.
I think you can use audioblog - an app for just such an occasion. Haven't looked into it much but I've seen it used on other blogs.
hi nice plog. i can learn from ur plogger.
come in to see mine.
it's under constraction
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