Monday, May 29, 2006

Have sombrero and donkey legs will travel! We're off to the Yucatan, will be back in 10 days, Hasta luego amigos.

Vaya con dios, my darlings!
Have fun, family Cub! We will miss you.
Bye guys, I'll be back the 9th. Will miss you kids.
Have a good vacation and bye as in bye for good although I enjoyed chatting with many of you. I've posted an apology below for the hatefest. I know you try to keep the hate to a minimum and someone who clearly hates me and has been insulting me for months followed me to your blog from elsewhere. So let's both leave.
oh, this is sad. specially on a tuesday am after a long weekend, when my head is throbbing. and no ABCN entries for 9 days? what is there to look forward to?

!que le vaya bien amiga! sigue la lucha...
ps-- dont foget to apply sunscreen liberally. and reapply after swimming. (I'm taking ibuprofen 400 mg q6 for yesterday's burn).
Hey, The Cubs-
have a great time! I'll miss you, Corny.

this is very upsetting, I just have to say. A) that someone could be such a hater on you when you are so great. It's just wrong. And B) the fact that you are leaving is something I don't think I can handle very well. How will it ever be the same without you? It won't. I know this isn't about me, for once, so I ultimately support you doing what you feel you must do. seems so wrong.
The Capt'n
Whoa, I'd missed out on the harsh fest from Friday, which I just read now.
I stick to what I said: this is too bad.
I can't take it. First they kill off Marissa on the OC and now Kelli from ABCN. Tell me this is just a ratings hype.
Kelli I will miss you even more than Marissa.
check out the protrusion in the lower front of the sarape-man... do they wear cod-pieces in Mejico?
corny, when you get back I want a full fashion report.
aye caramba corns! are you a goner? I forgot to tell you about a show in Chelsea all about the BABYSHAMBLES guy... it's at Klemens Gassert and Grunert or whatever that place is called. Now you'll probably miss it...
CORNY i miss you truly. And the Mrs. Hope you are having a wonderful time.
love the songs of the week! jim morrison sounds really good with that disco beat.
Yeah, uncle jesse, this helps me out with Jim Morrison a bit, whom I consider the Robert Goulet of rock. But not in the good way.

Corny, how's the surf down there? Are you tearin' it up? Are you gettin' barrelled like every 5 seconds?
I didn't realize you were goint to Mexico! There's another literary classic you cannot miss: "Let's Go Mexico," written 20 years ago by Dysphoric herself in her younger and less-depressed years...It explores the classic universal themes of beer drinking, sleeping on the beach, and tripping on peyote while exploring the ruins at Teotihuacan.
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