Saturday, May 13, 2006


Davids dust free studio is easy on my wheels.
Lordy Corns, what a mysterious post. Have you sliced your leggers off?
David has stopped working with dust. He is on to better mediums.
I am working my way through 20 lbs. of cherries so that we will have enough pits for tonight.
pd, are we going to work on our dance routine for toinght in a few hours?
i will bring the crutches and the clip-on koala bears.
Yes, FB. Noon, right? I booked the dance floor.
yes, pd. noon still good for you?
It has to be, I paid for the floor already! Good for you, I hope.
The Team sends satellite interpretive robotic prance and gladhandling to you, from the west to the east.
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