Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The ABCN Award for Excelence in Childrens Television

We first encountered Once Apon a Hampster staring hammy the hamster in P-town where Seamonkey was doing hard time at an art colony, Mr. Mike Iveson, the Mrs. and I drove up one December morning to ignore New Years with her and watch Tee-vee for 3 days straight. Imagine it's 2am you are channel surfing, you come across a hamster being ferried upriver on a speedboat with a toad at the helm, were astonished by the skill of the animal actors and baffled by the surreal scripts, like this one:
Episode 14. THE GOLDEN COACH After a ferocious summer storm, Hammy and Martha find a Golden Coach in a clearing. They all take turns going for rides as GP pulls it behind his Recyclamobile, then Granny Rabbit suggests they take the Coach back to its rightful owner. The next morning the mist clears to reveal a pumpkin, someone bakes a lovely pie.

Once Apon a Hamster even outshines the exceptional Bananas in Pajamas* for Excelence in childrens television.

*B1 and B2 are enormous strange bananas who act very gay, with searing wit, they ruthlessly tease the Teady Bears. Thats usually the plot.

This entry is dedicated and inspired by Mrs.Cub, it's her birthday today, happy birthday lovebot.
And a happy birthday to Mrs. Cub!
Happy Birthday Mrs. Cub!!! Smooches.
Hey MM!! Smooches to you.
This just in from the NYT's.

"Honeymoon," a 1998 painting by Lisa Yuskavage depicting a large-breasted woman, was being sold by Marianne Boesky, the Chelsea dealer. An unidentified bidder paid $1 million...
Hey Smootches all around. i'm a smootching machine today
Smooches back at ya.

Honeymoon million????
I am so glad to see that Hammy got a role in this production! Take 146... she's really trying to nail this scene I see.

and a very happy birthday to you, Mrs. Cub!
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A happy birthday to the Mrs.
and here's my corny joke of the day:
"Hammertime at Hammytime."
Thanks to all for birthday wishes.
Turning 24 is hard!

The Mrs.
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