Sunday, April 16, 2006

We missed having a Passover seder this year. I haven't always loved an Eisenman family seder, when I was a little kid we would go to my grandparents home in Brooklyn, my Grandfather was an orthodox rabbi and the seder was long and difficult to sit through, but when my dad took it over he added his political and psychoanalytical interpetations to the haggada, added poems and writings he'd find during the year and the conversation was always "lively" (re: noisy chatter and occational tirade) and interesting. My brother in LA has now taken over the seder and they do it outside, reclining on pillows and everyone drinking the four required cups of wine. I missed my family a lot this week, the food, the songs, so in honor Passover and a reminder of the ongoing struggle of people in bondage and all the forms that takes (I know the jokes are going to come fast and furious...) heres Nina Simone's I SHALL BE RELEASED

Oh Corny. This is a really nice post. I feel you, though quite differently no doubt, as we were a mixed family and so didn't bust out the seders. But I do sometimes miss the adulthood seders I did with friends in West Phila and San Francisco. I guess that's a whole different thing, though. Anyway, next year in Jerusalem.
i i capt'n. Would be swell to do it with friends, maybe next year. Jerusalem = The Mounds?
my family just had the most blasphemous seder ever. we sung "take me out to the seder" to the tune of "take me out to the ball game." we sung the four questions to the tune of "oh my darling clementine." i half-expected the red sea to come crashing down upon us midway through. next year, you're invited.
We skipped our sedar this year due to me having knee surgery. Anesthesia makes for a blasphemous sedar.

Also, we caught our rabbi eating a pork cuban last weekend.

That was sort of disillusioning for a poor young Jewish princess.


this link didn't work. now I reaaly want to hear nina sing I shall be released and I can't.
can you upload nina singin' "my father gave me two zuzim?" or "dai dai ayynuwww"
Thanks Bee Lee, I'm there.
Best regards from NY! » »
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