Monday, April 03, 2006

We have added a scanner to ABCN's office suite so expect the quality of blogging to shoot way the hell up as we celebrate Scanning The Mounds Week. Slothy and HFP allowed us this album of rugby songs, a merciless addition to the Brit theme bathroom.

Bang away Lulu!! I haven't heard these rugby hits in such a long time. Please don't burn our house down was my favorite song growing up in North Philly.
Two questions:
1) Corny, what makes you think we can even handle any more quailty?
2) pd, did you really grow up in North Philly?
Actually Capt'n, I was there until the age of six (I grew up fast) and then moved to the dreaded Northeast Philly.
I grew up fast in West Philly, then moved to the even more dreaded Havertown (or Have-no-town, as we lovingly referred to it). I love the Philly connections through the blog. Mmmm. Steak sandwich.
Oh I'd give anything for a real Philly steak sandwich today.
Corny, "Please Don't Burn Our Outhouse Down" is the national anthem of Logworld. Brings a tear to the eye o' Sloth everytime I hears it.
Whoa, Philly people!
pd and MM, I need more details! This nerdy stuff fascinates me, for real.
Like what parts of North Philly/The Greater Northeast/West Philly/Havertown??
(Don't answer if this bores you.)
The Capt'n spent her tender days till age 9 in various apartments in Center City, then hit the big time in the slums of Merion, before venturing out on her own to West Philly, Center City again, and North Philly.

You can always count on me for an overshare.
Capt'n, I wrote a long reply and it vanished! Anyway, I started out on North 7th street, which was near Marshall St. and not too far from Eerie (spelling on purpose) Ave. Then we "moved on up" as the Jeffersons would say, to Northeast Philly. I lived in an area called "Camelot"--no I am not kidding. My street was called King Arthur Rd. and nearby was Merlin Rd., Galahad, etc... This was near Roosevelt Blvd. and Red Lion Rd., the most dangerous intersection in the U.S.
Hello, Capt'n...wake up! Wake up.
We moved to West Philly when I was 3, lived at 48th & Osage for a while, then to East Manoa Rd. in Havertown until I finished high school. It's not far from City Line Ave. Then I moved to 41st & Spruce for a while, & 25th & Parish, near Girard, another famously horrid street. Also lived on Appletree near the Franklin Institute.

You don't overshare Capt'n! You are just cute.
Holy cow!
7th and Marshall! My mom was from 11th & Diamond, and my uncle Stan and great aunt Zelda kept the family store & adjoining house there till the late 70's. My favorite childhood downtown apt. was at 10th & Spruce, and we'd ride the #23 trolley up 11th st. to Diamond on weekends to visit uncle Stan and aunt Zel.
I did not know about this "Camelot" phenomenon. Very interesting. Will look into it.

And then 48th & Osage! Whoa!
I think I lived in 4 places in West Phila, and my fave was "Le Shed" at 48th & Walton, near Baltimore.
I kind of know where E. Manoa Rd. is....our house was right at 54th & City Line.
25th and Parrish...I don't mean to sound fucked up, but wasn't that where the mean, xenophobic Polish Americans lived?
And what's not great about Appletree st. & the Franklin Institute? And nearby Cherry St. Tavern?
by the way, pd, while I have you on the edge of your seat...
I lived for a short time at that old factory at 5th & Columbia (Cecil B. Moore.) Like in '92-ish.
My friend upstate has a historic outhouse that he sometimes shows to tourists.
Please stand for the logworld anthem
Wow, Capt'n--who knew!? I have to say I always wanted to live either on Spruce or Pine. Never got to. But your family was so close to mine. My grandma lived on Erie near Germantown ave. And various aunts and uncles lived near there. I remember those trolleys well. My dad worked for SEPTA for 25 years or so. Crazy.
NOODLE, SLoth. I love the censorship in that tune.
Have you heard "Dead Whore?" that is my theme song.
noodles right back at ya peeds... bol
Slothy, I must say you really killed me with the funs today! So many zingers of the audio-visual variety.
ALl of you must listen to the "Hoe'n Game" I am dying over here.
PD, if there is such thing as a Philly salute I am giving it right now, in your honor...
"Hoe'n Game" is a classic... also "I Shit Myself." Could be used as a wedding march.
Philly salutes in my underpants every night. I am in love with outhouses.
pd, whoa, you're really tripping me out now! I wonder if anybody in our fams knew eachother from the 'hood/shtetl/? You really did "move on up," I guess. I guess we did, too, though we never quite dragged our asses up out of the working class.
And how cool was it that your dad worked for SEPTA? Did you get lifetime free tokens? My dad was a sailor and his union hall was way down at 2nd & Shunk. But that is neither here nor anywhere.
we must talk more at some point soon and trade more trivia. I feel slightly bad about subjecting others to my overshares.
Capt'n can I tell you how excited I am to meet thou? Very, I assure you.
I just got home and I must admit I'm a wee bit loopy from 3 rounds of beer and oysters with Mrs. Andry at out new favorite digs Marlow & Sons.
I don't understand this conversation about Philly AT ALL, but happy you are here and I love you guys too much.
Your outhouse is HISTORY!
Head butts, Corny.

Yes you do! I can feel it!!! It hurts but it seems ok somehow. Cracked open gaping head, other head inside...why not?
yea, why the heck snot? Ok MM, seriously, yor data collecting is really really helpful, i'm teaching advanced drawing in the fall and will be needing to shove my UBS cord into your port to make some POWERFUL POINTS.
I'm bluggin while intoxicated..Is this oks?>
Capt'n--I don't think we moved on up really. I was much happier in the old hood. But I won't overshare no more. We'll talk when we meet--which I am excited about.

My head hurts too.
I've heard that once in a bar "May I shove my USB in your port?"
I like those drawings on FB's blog.
They're really nice, did you make them together at neds?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Capt'n might your pal from philly the photographer, uh, (zoe?) be around this weekend?
yes, it was the start of the hijinx.
Yes I want to meet Zoe too. Yes you can use my ports-n-data. Yes I am dying to MEET CAPT'N!!!! I am shmearing myself into infinity with excitement.
My head really does hurt--why?
PD it's from too much excitement. Rest my child. I will soothe you with entreaties of the heart. I love you.
Pd's do what my students do on a friday night when they're low on funds....stick your head in the microwave and cook on low for 30 seconds... it's suposed to feel real swell like
nevermind, dont do that
I'm off the oxy so I will try your advice. I got a dozen marshmellow peeps in there now...
I don't know about the rest of you, but favorite time was when I was 19 and living in Harlem with no money, eating peep after marshmellow peep.
alright pd...but please wrap the headbone in Saranwrap® so as to not dirty the spinning plate
my thumb hurts from the laptop mouse. i am sick.
There is a lack of motion which is unhealthy. I am not speaking of the pelvis.
PD regrets to inform you that there is brain matter in the microwave--all intermingled with marshmellow peeps. SHe is trying to separate peep medulla from Peed medulla.
switch to toe-on-mouse, MM. rest thumb.
PD, are you using Nurse Crotchett? I hear she is a master goo separator.
I am also her Crotchett nurse, yes Ms. Sloth. Unfortunately I know nothing of twisted brain matter. Poor little Peeds.
I want to fight Edna. i want to punch her. Thats all. Prison Break is starting. gtg.
I want to fix my darling PD with the tape and staples. It could work, I think. First I need some juice.
You can practice on me, Corns. Punching bag style.
I need help MM, she is mumbling something about Chris Chambers and resale numbers?? What does that mean?
Sounds real bad. If she mentions Quinacridone Gold and/or Carol Diehl, I may have to come over.
PD, Nurse Crotchett doesn't need any fancy clamps or sponges... just good old fashioned know-how, some elbow grease... and a circular saw.
Capt'n I overshare big time. I should stop leaving comments on various blogs with real name yes??? People in school thought I was unprofessional, always baked out of my head, sleeping with wierd people and fighting with authority figures. So little has changed. But it works for Tracy Emin! Fake British accent might help? And better boobs.
Ah, there is a circular saw next to the deli slicer--I'll try that. No elbow grease, I'm afraid. She's saying something about Egyptian Violet and Hunt Slonem?? It's like she's posessed and what-not!
boobs, eating more toad in the hole. yes.
Hey Slothy and MM, thanks for (chirp) helping my (chirp) nurse fix me up (chirp). I'm all sugar-coated and unbloated for now. the bleeding has (chirp, chirp) stopped, but (chirp) I now have an urge to find some worms.
PD you've molted into bird formation. Meanwhile, I sip at the beer of birch, I gorge on frozen cake, smash glasses accidentally and wish I were you. Glad to know you.
kelli, don't go changing, not even your blogger name. Your overshares are always top notch.
Corny, I'll call Zoe-from-Philly and see if she can come out her cave to play and meet you and the excellent blog stars of NY, and Sea Monkey too. She used to get nervous to go outdoors, but that hopefully has passed. I'll put the heat on. Gree C. and I will double-team her.
MM, I too am excited!!
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