Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We are interupting Scanning the Mounds Week to bring you this essential CD compilation, Modular presents Leave Them All Behind. GrandmasterBoftheBloodArm burned it for us months ago, luvs it so much I got a copy of my own. There are tracks by bands you proly know like The Killers, Block Party, Tom Vek, Firey Furnaces and stuff that'll proly be new to you like The Long Blondes who are an amazing (and shockingly) unsigned UK band, Panico, an electro punk outfit from Chili who's album, Subliminal Kill has been entertaining us at the refinery for weeks now (Transpiralo, the track on the Modular Presents CD is the best track from the Panico album). What makes this compilation great is the Modular DJ's remixes. One CD is original versions, the second CD is remixes, and they're all top drawer.

I am in need of this CD. I must wait to start shopping until my taxes are in.
"We can learn peace of mind from the steady shining sun." This is on my tea bag this morn. ugh
I finally paid a nice man, Marty to do my taxes and he saved me a lot of cash writing off wierd stuff like dry cleaning expenses. Aren't artists supposed to stink? La vie de boheme and all that.
My tax guy is paranoid and anti-goverment. He's perfect.

Pd, yes, you must get this. It's on AmazonUK but maybe try the Cd shop on 8th street right next to the Milkshake Factory (down below the sidewalk a couple of steps). I love that store... it's run by an english bloke with amazing taste in music.
Pd are you seeing ArtBrut tonight?
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"We can learn peace of mind from the steady shining sun."

I can also learn about malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and sarcomas.
The boys in my nabe seem to love tea... always talking about teabags. I wonder if theirs have fortunes and proverbs on them, too?
Those boys in your nabe sound very genteel but Sloths, I'm still trying to process yesterdays news about PG tips being evil.
I'm not ready to talk about tea just yet.
Corny, the answer is simple: you STEAL the PG Tips, thereby not supporting their wicked ways. It'll be exciting. You could borry a wig from PD for disguise...
My got en himmel as Seamonkee would say, that is a brilliant idea, I'll need a wig and an extra large fannypack. Shoplifting really gets the blood flowing, maybe i don't even need tea, just need to try and steal it.
granted i was outraged over the tip on Tips, but i assure you a few rounds of the yorkshire gold will not only prove comprable but also superlative in the long run. 4 real- sorry for the buzz kill on that but truth needs to be spread on the matter.
happy to be an ever-corrupting influence on ye, corns...
Tom Vek is featured in mtvU’s Hot Seat this week. Check the interview and music video! Here is the link http://www.mtvu.com/music/the_hot_seat/
writing off tea as lunch with colleagues. writing off cd's as research material. writing off tea-bagging as gift to business associates. writing off the resulting dry cleaning expense as professional uniform maintenence.
Thanks for the ideas, kelli.
Sure capt'n just following through with Sloth's naughty humor, that's...uh, carryover from a previous year.
this CD sounds sweet! Nice to finally meet at the brut. I fear I may have been weird though with my copping a puker comments. Did i really say that? oh well. it was true I Think? i dunno. eyes are watering this morn at the beige universe. more sleep was necessary. booze unprocessed.
I believe I can now universally be termed tard due to over-consumption of alcohols. God that was great! Art Brut!!!! Did anyone figure out what the name of the 1234898 chicken on a plate band was?
I was just trying to figure that out toxic. What a fun time!! I wanna see that chicken band cover a Peter Frampton tune.
Okay, they are called The Robocop Kraus!! How appropriate is that?
NO NO NO, I'm wrong--it is Gil Mantra's Party Dream. I think.
Yes it's Gil Mantera's Party Dream. Funny.
i just posted on it - there is a website, etc. apparently peoples are onto them. in that they won best of show at SXSW and are on spin and stuff. who knew?
toxic waste dump, i hit tard along time ago. now moving towards gimp-tard status.
You know it's hard out here for a gimp.
PD I can't believe that song won at the Oscars. I was pulling for Dolly Parton.
morning, sunshines! my head was in a vise this a.m., but I reamed it out with Drano® and now all is well... that was toooooo fun last night ----- we MUST do it again!
I know, poor Dolly. I think she was a little peeved.

Slothers! I hope all went well at the shack. I had a blast last night. Looking forward to the next time.
all went happily shack-side, pd... wizard is a pussycat. dates forthcoming.
YAY to sloth!!!
he is a sweet wizard, not so astute with the content-laden feedback, but supportive & energy-imbuing.
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