Saturday, April 15, 2006

TREND ALERT! Finally: extreme mountain unicycling! It's a growing phenomenon according to the Calgary Mountain Clowns. In other unicycle news, Moritz VonHahn from Bottrop Germany has broken the unicycle Long jump World Record with a jump of 2,60m. We can't confirm if thats meters or miles but we're looking into it. And finally this startling revelation that various armies now have unicycle divisions.

Oh corny, I say YES to the unicycle divisions... I want to see an army of unicyclists charging across the battlefield, flanked by the pogo-stick division! THEN, and only then, will I be satisfied that my tax dollars are being spread around in all the right places.
lol. god you funny sloths.
POGO division and a legion of Big Wheels!
yeah, and the reserve forces on stilts.
Death on one wheel!
I'm sorry but does this not prove this blogs thesis that men are idiots?
Just ask'n
putting in a vote for tricycles or rickshaws instead. can't ride a bike.
re: thesis. male socialization and circumsision would lead me to do wierd s*** too like shopping at Modell's, public nose-picking etc.
HI Corns. I don't know, I have to say, I might try the downhill unicycle. Just so I could know what it feels like to have my head bashed in when I fall.
Sounds like a real PUSSY SMASHER!!

corns, you have no idea how much i love this. mountain unicycling, mountain pogo. it has made my day here at the land of boredom a little less dire. thank yee.
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