Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is how I am at the upstate managed care facility I report to once a week. Big round eye is anxious to behold the inmate's reliquaries, here I am inspecting inmate Ray Mack's drawings. Small eye's inward gaze keeps me real, as t'were.

sorry, the blo is going haywire...
blog. f*k
Sorry i lost your comments Pd, Yes i'd like some huckleberry pie.
Corny, you so funny, you've outdone yourself again! True blog genius.
You still look good to me.

The Mrs.
you better be good to me

I can see this! You look perfectly normal! It's a miracle!!
VE....OMG it is a miracle!!!!!!!!!!! My face has the power to heal, wholey shitski. I will move into a box with a peep hole and charge 5 clams to gaze apon my restorative image... you will be healed!
or wait... maybe if your eyes aren't vapor-like, my image will be a ruinous hazard to avoid. I should still live in the box.
It is strange, but I can only see you clearly and you look like Isabella Rosellini! When I turn away--nothing but disappointment.
I want to be free!!!
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