Friday, April 07, 2006

Scanning the mounds week DAY 3

picking up where we left off

Heres a scan of our new Graham Coxon CD, Love Travels at Illegal Speeds. I like it a lot on the first listen. His last release, Happiness in Magazines was one of my favorite albums last year and this one sounds just as good, lots of poppy punk to break dishes to! The cd seems to pick up speed as it goes along but there are some slower songs that have his trademark jangly guitar. I think this is going to be an excelent CD, if you like Graham Coxon, its a must have. If you're new to Graham Coxon Heres a recomendation:
The Sky is too High
The Kiss Of Morning
Happiness in Magazines

I like his name. It makes me think of Oxycontin.
Oxi Coxon is the supreme rock and roll name. Lets hope Graham reads this and learns something...
Do I need to be on Oxi to appreciate his music? Because I will make that sacrifice based on your suggestion.

Seamonkee--WAKE UP, please.
The liner notes suggest ingesting DXM with a splash of grenadine for a drink known as Creme de Meth. The good folk at logworld are advocating smearing vaseline® on eyeballs for a gentle BLUR, perfect for this CD!
If I smear vaseline on my eyes, will I see more clearly?
less is more
I want to get more with less.
once again, the corn cub pipeline of musix is flowing... I have funnels at the ready, sticking out'n my ears.
I'm awAKE now, PD. Thanks for caring! Most people either say to me, "Give me a quarter," or "Go back to bed, goddammit." It's fkcing 3 pm. Oh boy, Seamonkee's jetlagged.
Take it easy, Seamonkee. Pop the DVD of "Rochelle, Rochelle" in the player and sit back and enjoy the film plus the blooper reel.
the rochelle rochelle blooper reel.

Pd, can I ask you one question, how do you do it?
It's time to get out the pincers. MM is at parents' house, full and in bed before 10. Thank jeepers it's only one night. Hi Corny's comment box, Hi Corny's fans.
Corny, I do it with mirrors and lots of dry ice. But don't tell anyone.
Capt'n Hahahaha I was just clued into what the hell that apparent non sequitur means. Sean Connery in a red leather diper dropping guns on the heads of infidels, John Boorman lit up a giant doobie and said, "why the hell not?"
Why the hell not!?
Correct, Corny.
Corny, nice seeing you and the missus out and about. Heading out to a BBQ in Jersey City tomorrow. Will probably bring jerk chickien from my nabe which will make the entire PATH train smell like, well, jerk.
kelli, nce to see you too, it saw or was too many people not enought time as always at openings. But yeah, appy for Alexis
oh skhitski, typin gwhen drunk
Wah! I am tearing my fur out in anguish that I won't get to meets Capt'n and Mrs. the Captain and SeaMonkee tonight!

corny, please convey "hang ten" salute to them from slothy...
SeaMonkee, I'm putting out an APB on you. Please come tonight. If you can't I will understand. There will be tears in my beers.
Alexis's show was beautiful. Also saw Nathan at Rare and Sydney Chapman at Kravehts Wehby. It was a good night for art viewing. I got hit on by the Dunkin Donuts guy. He called me a queen. Sweet, because bitch or queen is my gender identity.
My gender identity is Boston Cream.
that's everybody's favorite. good both on the outside ( choco) & the inside ( cream) and most donuts aren't. usually sold out by 2 am.
Keep up the good work » »
Best regards from NY! » »
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