Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Scanning The Mounds Week Continues

Every Morning...

I love scanning #'s 207 and 211 at The Casa Grande, Corny, and I'm pleased to see that you love scanning The Mounds.
This reminds me of a very grim fact, though: I just woke up, and I realize I'm on my LAST BAG OF PG TIPS !!

WHAT WILL I DO....do....do....(echos and reverb)
p.g. tips mistreats their employees worse than nike. i recommend substituting with Yorkshire Gold. it tastes better too, which is hard to imagine, but true...
OMG really anon?! Wow this is very very bad news. I will look for Yorkshire gold, I've never heard of it... but totally intreged. Can it really be better then PG Tips? I've heard there's a Tetley tea sold in the UK thats on Par too.
The lady on the PG tips box looks so peaceful...
She has no legs--she lost them in the tea factory. They propped her up on stilts for this photo.
it's true! my last attempt to purchase p.g. tips at tea and sympathy was futile. i was given a lengthy lecture on the said mistreatment. not in vain, however, because they do stock the alternative yorkshire gold, and now i'm hooked. i mix it with regular earl grey for that out of the ballpark taste and feeling. the lady on the box is a ghost of a former employee. she's heading towards other pg tips employee/ tea leaf pickers to warn them, but their graphics department decided to cover them up with the picture of the cuppa, so we wouldnt see the abuse....
I like to drink this weird tea Market Spice from Seattle. It tastes like atomic fireballs candy and it smells totally strong and skanky. I gave it to somebody for Christmas and they were like
"tea! how refined" until they caught the aroma.
Curves donates money to pro-life causes. Funny because it's a gym marketed to women.
Or were you guys joking about the tea company mistreating employees? Somebody should make a list of shitty companies. Well I guess all stuff made in China is a bad call ethically.
I don't know what I'm going to do with this news.
Kelli, that tea of yours sounds truely disgusting, does it thin oil paint?
No but I think it has curative properties like clearing up skin and the digestive track. I think it has saccharine, it is wierdly sweet with a thin oily film.
Canceling Curves membership. Exercise routine will continue with 10 reps of scratching self.
I love a little late-night scratching....
I drink those Yogi teas. They are supposed to be all about health and calm etc...but the goofy sayings on the end of the tea bag strings always piss me off. "Happiness comes from serving others" Not what I want to read when I am trying to look out for #1--you dig?
I like to use an exercise ball and resistance bands.
I would spill my tea if I did that, Kelli.
They also have religous sayings like: "A prayer a day keeps the evil doers away" and stuff.
PD the resistance bands are for scratching. I drink the tea on my rowing machine. My bulk keeps evildoers away.
I would think a steady flow of green tea while rowing would make for a good weight loss regimen.
PD I don't know about quality beverages. I actually really like Alize. Without irony.
Vapor eyes... who are you?? Are we pals?
Like in meat space?
I find the resistance band to be extremely helpful with that rusty hinge otherwise known as the rotator cuff.
Though it's not technically a hinge joint, or a joint.
All my hinges are rusty. I am fluff, inside and out. I am in meat space.
Yes, Corny, we met in meat space--don't you remember?
Good morning, yo! I am sipping Jack Daniels tea. ever had it?
Pd, thats A beautiful way to start the day! Are you scrambling some Oxi to go with that?
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