Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pete Doherty has become a major disapointment. He was arrested AGAIN today. He walked out of court this afternoon where he recieved a sentence on his last drug related arrest and was picked up a few hours later trying to cop. At this point it is not entirely his fault, it's his manager and fellow band members, whoever is around him thats letting him continue being a fuck up. Why is Babyshambles even on tour right now? Shouldn't Pete be in rehab and not on the road? Why after so many arrests are the courts not ordering him into a full time rehab center? It's pure greed on the part of Babyshambles managment that they don't stop the show and get Pete some help.

Fight or Flight. Flight is the more Romantic choice. Fight is lonelier.
Flight is Romantic. Fight is Late Industrial.
interesting. he does both at the same time, the Fight is the music, Flight is winning out.
Get this man some vitamin C Pronto!!!
apparently he was ordered into rehab last December, but he forgot to go? this time maybe they escort him.
yeah, it musta slipped his mind. He should of tied a piece of string around his finger. ("must remember to stop taking giant piles of drugs everyday")
He looks an awful lot like this guy who sold me some oxy. But then, I can't be at all sure.
vEyes it must be hard to recognize a mug with eyes that dissolve. Do you feel peoples faces when you first meet them?
I can't get into the modern music. For me Foreigner is much more the speed of things. Vapor is to the Eye as Jelly is to the Mouth. It is downward. Good luck to drug users.
I try to feel as much as possible upon forst meetings, Corny. It is my one advantage, if you catch my meaning.
I catch it vEyes, I catch it all over.
frogs i know, modern music is tricky, maybe i need to make you special mix of modern music for reptiles.
sorry, I know you don't like "reptile" references
I felt Frogs and it was very nice. SHe is pretty, I can just tell.
I had to wipe the chunk of bagel & egg off of my screen after reading
("must remember to stop taking giant piles of drugs everyday")
Corny, thanks for the laffs, thanks for the mess.
Frogs, vaporeyes, I feel another swell of the love coming on.
drugs can be a good thing. has he shown any signs of wanting help? no, right? maybe he happy.
Yeah, I'm sure he's jolly as a sandboy, crack can be fun in short little blasts that last about 10 minutes, no doubt he's happy at times. But I want to hear more about how drugs can be a good thing, we're not talking recreationally...
he's out of control with the drugs and will end up waisting his tallent which is a shame, I supose my interest in him cleaning up is totally selfish, I want more brilliant music from babyshambles...
but I also have a bit of a star-crush on Pete and it's sad to see him going around in circles. I have never met a happy addict, it's just too difficult a lifestyle to be content with. I think Addicts might resign themselfs to drugs, thinking there's no way to stop.
Anyhow annon, thanks for putting in your two cents, I appreciate your post, to an extent i agree, drugs can be a good thing, free up creativity and stuff. But then at some point you turn a corner and it's not so cute any more.
Mornin' Corns. I agree about the drugs. My good friend is always talkin' 'bout the oxy. I feel I must intervene, but I can't really see her clearly enough to grab hold of her and shake her.
I'm sort of an addict without the drugs but I think the whole hard drinking Cedar Bar myth is a crock of shit. If Pollack and DeKooning had lived in the Middle Ages they wouldn't have been in the painter's guild they would have been the town bufoons.
We have a bed available at this time, please call to organize transportation, insurance, and proxy.
I'm a doctor actually. I see many many compliations of substance abuse. but everybody has a different kind of drug. workaholics, alcoholics, porn adicts, boring tv-addicted heterosexual pharmaceutial execs... slaves to the cosmetics industry. (not that all pharmaceutical execs are all heterosexual....)
and I wasn't making a kate moss reference there. She has two addictions...
Hey anon, Thanks for commenting. It's good to have a DR. in the house. Yes, there are lots of addictions, i've got mine, they're only a problem when they start really interfering with how you live your life or when you bemome a danger to others...
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