Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Morning Science Lesson

Soft Hearted Scientists are still filling my balloon, they are back in rotation at the refinery and I say, YES. Here's a gentle ditty of a song, a hot water bottle for the soul you can download and listen too. This is a really fine album.

The haunted Song
Another science related song

I think i need to take out a loan so that I can afford to stock up on all of your suggestions, Corny.
I need to burn you a DVD or sumpthing
I am having a hard time with a name for the new blog. All my choices are Prognosis Negative, and NO (fb's suggestion), Debunked, and Debunker, all gone. Back to the drawing board.
choice meats? unleavened heaven? pixie stick? drizzly bear? 5 finger discounts? player's cream?

good luck at the drawing board PD
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Painfully Yours?
Now What?

Pd, I'd go back and look at the list of names for Shows we came up with on Artistic thoughts a while back, you had some good ones.
Ahhh! Brilliant idea Corns. I will consult the artisticthoughts bible.
OMG Corny, are you referring to Bucket of Blood, e.g. the noir about the killer beatnick sculptor who encased his victims in clay... f*cking hilarious! Fangs for the mammaries...
Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP camera remote surveillance
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