Monday, April 17, 2006

Meanwhile back at the refinery: Assistants are tripping the light fantastic, expressing the gesture of a brush stroke thru the dance. Their youthful exuberance helps keep us going...

ach corns, yes, and yes again, to EXUBERANCE!!!!! spring is sproinging all over the damn place.
Oh a team of leotarded girl gymnasts!!! You are lucky, they are very electrical in the studio, from what I hear. They will aid you well with your hand to brush motions.

For a few hours on Friday I felt the exuberance in the studio again. Then...sadly....yesterday the loaming pointlessness returned. The cycle of doom. Thankfully the show time approaches to take me out of all this death.

Love to you Corns.
I meant to say gloaming not loaming. Oopsy.
MM, the loaming is a force for good in the studio... heaps of dark moist dirt, fertile & smelly. I will send over a dumptruckfull, stat.
Yeah, bring on the warm loam! I'll dive right in, was my face with it....backstroke, breststroke, crawl!
God knows MM, I'm going to be a happy hungover clam come May 14th.
Pointlessness, no. It is not pointless.
Tuna in a Bag is pointless. Oversized slippers in the shape of footballs are pointless, umbrella hats are pointless...
pulling relics out of the wholey cows ass is divine work. Or at least it's not pointless, at least we're TRYING, unlike the chode who invented the boxing nun.
Sloths it's crazy how fast and furious the plants are sproinging to life! Some mystery plants are comming up in the planters in front of the mounds, they literally grew 3 inches yesterday. I'm hoping they're venus fly traps.
Dance may be dead but the art of PRANCE is clearly alive and well and thriving in the refinery de la Corny.
Direct from the Al Alberts show...these assistants are ready to prance around your relics in preparation for the big hoe-down!
Capt'n: I thought of you many times when I was in Philly--slathering butterscotch icing all over my face.
mantra for painting studio:

"it's good" and "it's done"
stop it your blog is killing me
I'm still laughing at the downhill unicyclists and then I had to pretend
I was at your family seder dinner for 10 minutes in my head but now the youthful exuberance is too much
the girl in the orange in the middle I think is performing the complexity of growing up in a country that spent millions developing the Elite Combat Unicycle division better known as the E.C.U.

ps I agree with above anonymous Its good Its done and maybe its better than ever
That's my big expert feedback I give Gree C. every single time I go to her studio:
It's done.
Last time I went, she had a thing that was almost done, so we had a chat, then I fell asleep on her couch by the heater with my coat on, and then when I woke up, it was done! Like magic.
Gree C. would be great at any seder, for 1,000 reasons, including the fact that she's a gentile who really knows her shit. As a child she was the neighborhood "shut the lights" girl out on the Island, for example.

Pdeli, thank you!!

My favorite joke from that show:
Tiny girl with ultra-thick Phila accent saying:
"What's the ingredients of a honeymoon salad?"
Al Alberts:
"I don't know. What?"
Tiny girl, even thicker accent:
"Lettuce alone!"
Larry Ferrarri.
I just knew you would know what I was talkin' bout Capt'n. I actually remember that joke. Did you ever wonder if Al was a little too keen on kids?
Larry Ferrari always reminded me of Jamie Farr.
OMG this is so exciting...I miss you guys. feels like a thousand years since we've gotten to tango in the ether
Cornichon! I missed you. I am here recovering. Slouching in front of the computer and T.V. alternately. Too zapped for much else this eve. How's by you?
Watched Da Sopranos (I'm lovin Vito's plot line)and preping for my f*kn class.
Gree C. your interpretations of the prance are spot on, you should be writing
reviews for Expressions Magazine. The young lass on the bottom right in the purple is miming societal presure on her tender still developing skull to conform to the master plan, she doesn't know what that entails but she intuits it's going to hurt somehow.
Al Alberts, Larry Ferrari...what about Chief Halftown? 6 am on Saturday mornings? Another kids talent show, this one hosted by an Indian chief? Weird. Also what about Capt'n Noah? Candy Apple News? AM I GOING NUTS???????? yes.

Smooshes to everyone.
Okay, Chief Halftown was the strangest!
"Send your pictures to dear old Capt'n Noah...send today,,,,send right away..."
But did you have Wonderama and PIX, the call in space invaders interstitial?
PIX?? No--we missed that one. What is Wonderama?
I missed The Sopranos this week--is Vito still alive and hanging in the leather bars?
he went awol and headed up to new england and landed in new hampshire with many extreme close ups of their license plates, got flap jacks at a gay friendly diner and was last seen antiquing in the same vicinity.
Sadly, I don't know about no Wonderama and PIX, or Chief Halftown.
Captain Noah! Captain Kangaroo! Sally Starr! Gene London! (I was on the Gene London show once...)
mr green jeans. does anyone remember the electric company, in particualr the snow cone yeti who would sit on people's ice cream cones and make that cold freezing shuusssh sound. it always freaked me out as a wee one. no one remembers this... ever.
I remember the Electric Company but do not remember the yeti.I do remember those creepy slow moving yeti zombies on Land of the Lost. For some reason much scarier than stuff that moves faster.
I loved the electric co. but as for the green things...are you thinking of kazoo from the flintstones?
I'm worried about the lass in the purple too but I think it will be ok after her second month in a relationship with the girl in blue next to her when she turns her into the mother she never had/first girlfriend and lets her work it all out for her
I was on wonderama when I was 10 I asked Julie Nixon Eisenhower a question about her lack of privacy and I think she dodged the question
Gree C. -always on the other side of the razor's edge, then and now.
thanks anon, was racking my brains traveling back to 1970's. stumbled across Love Boat and assorted detritus.
gree.c i'm excited you were on wonderama. I had friends who were twins who went on wonderama, they said (in unison) that my cat had kittens. It was a major shout out.
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