Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I would really like to hear this record, a 3 hour long tone poem about the soil and menstration and menstrating into the soil.

A.L. Steiner is my personal Lesbian Power Authority. I need to send a lil' shout out to my homie, she toils away in the basement of the mounds which has been transformed in to a strange and frightening laboratory. We hear "things" through the floor and this is what we have pieced together; she is practicing voodoo, Reikian therapy, also possibly physics experiments, hypnosis and reflexology on our cat. Yesterday she claimed that Cy (the cat) said "Go Out", this refers to going outside which is his main goal in life so that he can kill some birds and claim the neighborhood as his own. Whatever it is she is doing, it's helping him to "find his voice" and for this we thank her.

Song List:

1. Rabbits Ate my Bloody Lettuce

2. Tampons or Our Dear Earth?

3. Mud in my Virginia

4. Pebbles and Cracks

5. Connie Linguist Ate My Bloody...
6. Where Has All the Midol Gone?

7. Our Bushes, Ourselves
lol oh peeds again I ask does genius have no off switch?
Rollin on a river of blood

Sunspots and clots

Sunshine on my backhoe
OMG! Sunspots and Clots is the best.

Blood on the Cracks

Stay-Free (a maxi-pad on the wound of war)

Garden-Variety Gyno
Liberate the seedlings oh sister my sister

Mother Natures Orgasm Hymn

Serenade To You, Gentle Potato field, Forgive Us For Raping You With Our Patriarchal Tools
Soiled Me Pants Again


Heavy Flow Blues
Blood on the Cracks (the tune is simmilar to smoke on the water, no)?
LOL with Serenade.

Protest Procreation!

My Weeping Womb

Flannel and Flowers
Raise Your Yoni Shield to the Sun

(this is an instramental, that crescendo's over and over and over)
I happen to love the song SMoke on the Water...just sayin.
on the floor with the Yoni!!!
Your Womb is my Sacred Field
OMG... There are so many choice nuggets on the album! We must seek it out and get it at any cost!
I love Richie Blackmoor, I used to be OBSESSED with him
Highway star was truely brilliant, isn't that the deep purple song with a 10 minute drum solo in the middel of it?
Blood on the Fanny-pack.

Take Back that Time of the Month

Dirty Deeds (an AC-DC cover--what the hell.)
YES! I have it on disc. Highway Star is what I play when my neighbor is getting to me.
Woman from Tokyo is a good song too.
the ACDC cover gives thesee ladies an unexpected edge.
I need to go deal with so called reality
you made my day peeds
We often play Alix Dobkin's "Lavender Jane Loves Women" at the Gaylord in cases of mistaken homosexuality- it usually sets things uh, straight. There is ACTUALLY a song on there called Ode to a Gym Teacher. Apparently, one must only ask the Capt'n about this preoccupation...
Same here Corns. Hope reality is good to you.

Gaylord, I am sure you and the Capt'n have some songs to contribute.
Not Hoe, Yes Hoe.

The Denim, the dirt, the digging.

Our Mounds on Our ground.

I can't go on nothing really is better than the perfection of Sunspots and clots.
ps Gaylord I beleive it was only one Gym teacher and one physical therapist for the Capt'n.
That was one physical therapist with a cat named Sweats.
Excerpt from the Lavender Jane Loves Women album:
Politically...from Leftist to Communist toIndividualist to Feminist to Separatist
Sexually...from heterosexual to Bi-sexual to Sexual to Lesbian
For a dozen years I've tried to"make it" in the music business- as a solo artist, demo artist, in groups, as a songwriter, a commercial writer and even in coffeehouse management
Sometimes I came so close, and felt great frustrtation and dissapointment. Always there was this rough element of mine- an abrasive edge- an imperfection. Record and publishing execs, independent producers, managers, agents, pr men and assorted hustlers could never quite polish me off into a neat commercial package. Lucky for me!
The music business is riddled with creeps and creep-consciousness.So is the planet.
The music comes from and belongs to women experiencing women. So does my life. Lavender Jane is irresistable! Long Live Dyke Nation! Power to Women! - Alix Dobkin
Gayloard reabilitation... I can hardly believe you OWN this album. It sounds like a good therepy tool, right up there with the Hoe. I must insist on a listening party, I'll bring the razor blades
Does Alix Dobkin's struggle as an artist ring true for any one else here? Just sayin'
Gree C I dig Our Mounds on Our Ground!

Gaylord: She's right...thank god she didn't make it. Was there ever any doubt?
"The music business is riddled with creeps and creep-consciousness.So is the planet."

Creep Consiousness. I like this term, will try to use it as often as I can today.
Wow, that is brilliant!
I had nothing to do with her failure.
umm, Corns, I have a small collection. Do you know Tret Fure? Whoa.
I wish I could of been a fly on the wall when the Creep Concious record execs were attempting to make her over and the makeup wouldn't stick to her face, like when magnets repel eachother...
hey Phranc!you know your male-centered ideology of success has destroyed any element of wimmin-consciousness present in your yoni.
oh geez gaylord, you might have to post that on The Centers website.

Don't know it but have a feeling I'm about to get run over by a locomotive while anvils rain down on my head.
ALIX DOBKIN: Behind the music on VH1
wow, yeah about the makeover for Alix. props for your vision, Corny. I think we all need to consider what it would be like to have our belief system questioned in that kind of way by MEN.
Phrancly my dear, I don't give a damn
Gaylord, what can I say?
I wrote a song about her at least.

"I respect you. I really appreciate the things you do. I like you."
I'm pretty successful.
I'd manage a coffee house in Santa fe before I let my belief system be questioned by the the Creep Conciousness
Geez, should we start a Separatist group at the Center? 'bout time they had that come back around on their crazy queen asses. I'm going to make that a personal goal for the summer. I'll request a sound system. we can have a revisionist prom as ourt first activity. Gree C. will be the chaperone.
Yanni, this is WOMYN-SPACE. get it? just because you love children doesn't make you a mother.
I think your right. maybe we can get her to attend. Or a life size cutout. I'll handle the decorations.
gaylord, your cracking my clot up!
I'd live as a shut in on womyn's land outside of Santa Fe w/o water and elec just to maintain MY belief system.
I'd marry a man and have children just to support my ideology, freeing me up from work.
Oh really? well I cut off my phalic shaped fingers to maintain MY beliefe system
Gaylord telling my personal life goals on the blog.
As long as its out can one of you dress like Lulu and sing "To Sir with Love" to me.
But now my bloody stumps appear phallic and fear I must cut them off too....
I'd reduce my self to a torso with no limbs to prevent the possibility of inflicting harm on other women, in turn asking for their support and sisterhood to keep my womanforce alive.
I can.
I will!!! I will I'll dress like Lulu and do whatever you want, just get me out of here!
Gaylord, you're a riot.
i think we have a heaven's gate feminist pact in the works here.
"Feminism is the theory; lesbianism is the practice."
I'm having my eye's sewn shut so my gaze will not accidentally rape people
Bold move.
I need to detach and go to Baltimore now. Wish it weren't true.
I'll push your stump around until I can't move myself and I've ordered you a mobility monkey
ti-grace, Thank you for that...
members of the seperatest pact must prominently tatoo this slogan on the torso
until our next meeting, I'll be waiting gaylord, working on my collection of cornhusk dolls of great wymin in herstory
I must go too and deal with various creep consiousness factors.
Maybe not let the cat out. Took MissChunks out on a cat leash and the whole badass thing evaporated. Ran away from birds and never the same since. Going against nature and body hair removal are personal goals for the day. It's Thursday right?
kelli, don't make me say it again.
Anon being anonymously bitch-whipped is not my personal preference. I don't tend to lean that way but you would probably need to grow a pair and get a name. Good things come to me because of a combination of attractive bone structure, nonconformity, high test scores and good karma generated through a lifetime of overtipping waiters and being kind to small animals. You don't have to understand it or enjoy it but you do have to live with it.
Kelli... Don't shave! don't do it! Take it one day at a time, one second at a time, check in with yourself, are you hungry angry? lonely? tired? If you said yes to any of these you need to imediately throw away your Lady Shaver and get ye to a meeting pronto!

PS. nice reply, anon you need to back off or incure the wrath of the Dictator of the World, namely me.
D.O.W. spelled bacwards is...
Anon, you and me babe, I'll take you there.
i meant backwards. duh.

Wod doya make of it?
dunno... just saying.
Weenie of Delight?
I am going to sacrifice a small rodent to Wod now.
Did someone utter my name, you are to use hushed tones when evoking my eminence
thank you slothy. Sacrifice noted. Now sit back and let the good times roll!
where are you taking me, creep?
I'll take you deep inside where the sun don't shine so bring a flashlight, hope your not clostrophobic...
Now, now, Vapor is here to calm things down a bit with a round of nose aerobics. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Deep inside the nose?
Yes anon, deep inside the nose just like in Zardoz how Sean Connery sneeks inside the nose of the big floating rock head, we'll go together deep inside the sinus cavities
HALT meeting in the basement at 21 hundred hours! thx for the shoutout Corny, you are my true inspiratrion. I actually don't do anything here in the township basement besides successfully intercepting the creative vibes aimed towards you from the Raelians and soiling Mrs. Cub...
Stop soiling my wife! I'm growing tired of having to hose her down after each soiling session.
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Soil and blood, Corns. We are all just soil and blood.
I think they were just gardening. It's tulip bulb time.
Corny, I have to acknowledge you for acknowledging Zardoz, one of the favorite films of all Team Shredder time.
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