Sunday, April 09, 2006

Here's my salute in oil to MOUNTAIN MAN. I'm a bit too squiffy right now to go into our night last night, but fraternizing with MM is big joy. Thats all. Now, what to do about this headache?

MM is a joy, 'tis true. I hear mm is taken, but I'd pluck out my good for nothin' eyes for him.

Great tribute to him!
GREAT GOON. I am dying, Corn. Dying. This is the tribute I always wanted but could not have foretold myself. Oh oh oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the cunt nose!!! It's perfect. The bloody redness that stains the pattern on teh shirt, the alpine experience in the background. The hairy business. I love it. I am rapturously thankful. I had an amazing time with you lovelies last night. More tonight.
It's a work in progress, I think I will pluck/punch the eyes out of this painting, they don't convey the loving-kindness heart of the beast.
Seamonkee just called but i couldn't herea thing that was said because of shouting into telephone, something about being on Broadway shopping for platform boots to wear tonight.
Yes, we shall see the Sea tonight!
I am off to do a little huffy puffy before the studio. G'day to you all.
orangina soda= hangover cure
PD, please to call me
917 941-1598
were changing the plan for tonight, trying to reach you...
corny, I find this artwoiks to be deeply moving. tear in my eye... it is so beautiful, corns. I love it. a little tiny bit jealous...
Dear Corns and Team Shredder folk,

I AM SO SORRY I had to remain in the shadows this evening! I thought I might rally and return to the light, but no, there was little hope after my return from the shack today. The other problem was the liver and if it could possibly process more. It has been under incredible stress, overperfoming, etc. and god knows i can't go out in the world without the intoxicants. sadly. So, I hope your evening was splendiforous. I feel like a stale heel of bread. poop in the pantaloons. I normally do not flake out. My apologies! (hanging head)
FB, please to you no poopin in de pantalones! No nececessito!

I for one had the joy of meeting and hanging out with certain lovely ones, and I maintain the great anticipation of someday meeting others.
There is no problem here!
But Corny this is a sweet excellent tribute in paint to a lovely man.
Capt'n, Mrs Capt'n, Ms. Andry and beloved SeaMonkee...all I can say is WOW. I have awakened with the memory of our meeting and thought for a second that it was a glorious dream. I was overwhelmed by the event and felt slightly tongue-tied.
And a special thanks to COrny and Mrs. Cub for hosting and serving me a deliciously huge chunk of meatloaf.
Oh, and Layla! Sorry, I was trying to thin of your blog moniker and came up empty, so I opted for your real name.
I am so sorry I missed the fun. Fuckers, F me. SEAMONKEY, when??? Someday I will meet you.

Capt'n I am crying inside that I didn't get to see you again. MM is a delicate mess of fudge on asphalt.
pd, thanks for comming over, I love having you here, fellt like it should happen all the time... toung tied? Me thinks knot.
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