Thursday, April 13, 2006

Here: a portrait of my humunculi by Sue de Beer. This is what the thing said to me before it passed out, "If being a person consists of a stream of thought in the higher brain I am no longer a person, I am a clump of meat in a tee-shirt"

This is righteous, Corny, the girls being mashed and dissembled like so. I am worshipful of this post, who needs arms, who doesn't need another person's hairdo in their crotch. Nice pants, etc. Night.
Corny, I miss you already.
At ease Capt'n, miss you right back .
yes MM, is true, Sue de Beer gets it right. I can't write, I'm still a brainless clump of meat, sory
were experiencing a low grade depression and feeling a little hara-kirish with a Mrs. Cub is leaving for the weekend, also we're dealing with fatigue at the refinery. Seamonkee is here and our saving grace...
Hi Corny and Seamonkee. I hear you about the fatigue. These are the end times. I hope your malaise lifts dear one - perhaps a crispy tan snack of some kind to lift you above for a few minutes. Dust off that fry daddy.
Yo. I am sending out some deep fried treats to you Corny, Seamonkee and MM. They will lift you out of the fatigue and mayonaise.
PD, I believe you have hit on the exactly right combination... meat-on-meat is the always and only cure.
You want some Slothy? 'cause I got a ham-hock with your name on it.
Would I be a bad Jew if I ate a ham hock?
JD, I am working on a book called WOULD I BE A BAD JEW IF... and it will have all answers to your questions. But allow me to say that it is a misconception that there is no place for pork in the Jewish faith. I happen to know that it was a pulled pork sandwich that gave Moses the strength to cross the Red Sea.
I see a crotch-goblin in this photo.
PDeli, you are like my very own Rabbi Menachem Schneerson: you are a sage for bad Jews. Thanks for the permission to go eat pulled pork now—love ya.
Take it from me...the Catholic who gave up giving stuff up for Lent.
My eyes are tearing up--I am missing the dispatch from nowhere.
Corny good luck in the studio.I am doing magicks on your behalf with my familiar: Ms. Chunky.
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