Sunday, April 02, 2006

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The confectionary leviathan know as Mount Clown served the villagers of Clowington well last night. Where most humans would break into a cold sweat, Mrs Cub didn't even blink when I requested a mountain cake with a clown waterfall for my birthday.

Well I can tell you one thing is that this cake looks delicious. The multicolored pointy dotted cones are a touch of grace from the master nation. The blue spiral symbolizes wellness. I am aching in the nation of my head just now, recovering from the crotch goblin festival. I am missing you like a church pew misses a fat ass.
I know frogs, we miss you like a husky child misses fried pie. I'm devistated to have missed crotch goblin fest. We had a games party which as usual, degenerated into the entire table accusing me of being "Shitty and Competitive". I know its a term of indearment but still...
Oh Corny, you are not shitty and competitive. You are pee-ridden and charming. There is still time for your image to improve. Let me soothe you with a chant from the swamps.
There is a chunk of undigested pale green fluff salad stuck in my main pipe. I need a good raping.
Frogs--I almost raped you last night. I would be happy to try again.
Corny, did you play Clue? Please tell me you did. Was Professor Plum there?
the clown rapids - YAY to them! hopefully mm will post the hotdog devils tower soon from the convention. they sorta relate. we missed you at the hoedown corns.
Yeah Corns, now we're gonna have to have another hoedown.
PD we played "Get a Clue" where one guest disrobes and sits in the middle of the table and then we take turns going around and "holding up a mirror" to them. It's a mentally grueling game but there is as much laughter as there are tears.
Fb, sometime we'll meet. Instincts tell me you are over 7 feet tall and have a mane of red hair down to your knees.
My instincts, they are right, No?
Jesus Corns you are a livewire. What is this horrendous body mirror game you play? And please oh please do not force me to play it. You are a funny one.
I would like to try that game, I think.
Corny you funny.
Did You yell "GET OFF MY MOUNTAIN" when playing the aformentioned Get a Clue game? It would match the cake motif, which i loved. oh, hey! Happy Berfday!
Enjoyed a lot! » »
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