Sunday, April 30, 2006

Check out Munchhausen by No Bra. Connect to their myspace page to hear this brilliant song. Susanne is genius, she affects the perfect annoying fag. The sound on the video is shit but it's pretty damn funny.
"This is the ultimate Shoxton Eurotrash anthem: a scinitillating exchange between two useless art fags trying to outdo each other with absurd statements, set to Nitzer Ebbish new beat. -Vice Magazine

Pete Doherty was arrested AGAIN yesterday as part of a police investigation into tabloid photos showing him injecting himself and a woman with heroin.

His family is begging to have him jailed. Things are not going so well for pete this week.
I'd link to the pics but they've been taken down from The Sun's site. They are pretty grusome, in one Pete is seen injecting a needle into the wrist on a girl who is passed out on the floor.
Hey Corns, what's shakin'? Congrats on reaching the finish line!

I am trying to link to this no bra thing, but when I click on the play button in my space--no worky.

Poor, poor, pete.
I need a new bra.
Peeds try linking with this or maybe try it on a different server. YOU need to hear this....
There was also a Pic of kate moss looking all dishelved in bed, i guess her rehab didn't work and they're back together (?)
GOT IT! I like Noise Pollution. Where'd you find these guys?

I am sure Kate and Pete are enabling they say. Soon they will have a threesome with Robert Downey Jr.
Corny! Munchhausen cracks me up so hard! I didn't realize one of the art fags was a woman; this adds a whole new layer of delightful wrongness.
What about fart hags?
Yeah, I didn't know either sloths until Ms. Andry informed me, Ms. Andry knows this woman and reports are that she's quite the character
Mornin Corns.
Mornin Peeds & Slothers. The poops are leaving me brainhole. Love to you.
Now my neighbor is blasting "Human Nature" by Michael Jacson. That is so wrong.
Hello Deli Slicer. I want to thank you for your kindness to me and to MM.
Extra hearts to you. I have officially awakened from the coma now. Thanks, Frogs.
I have an admission which is that I love that song.
Frogs, anytime! I love you both and wish you nothing but the finest in sliced meats.
Let me toast your awakening with a sense of freedom of diet. I am throwing raw chicken and swedish fish into a tepid bath.
MM may have to do a post about this but I must mention that we suffered through 2 1/2 hours of Matthew Barney and Bjork last night. It was an abomination.
Well, I was jammin' to Billie Jean just a few minutes ago. Human Nature is too slow to be blasting.

Now Beat It is another story.
Whatever you've's WORSE.
Oh Frogs, that is awful. WHY? WHY? WHY?
You wanna be startin' something is my favorite.
poor MJ should have died in a fiery conflagration after that album came out... woulda been much better for him.
We were invited to go with a group of fine people. However there was a sense of pervasive abuse of the audience, a sense othe ocean no longer possessing beauty, of art having no power or purpose. It was sad. Matthew Barney has bad taste in jeans.
Too high to get over...too low to get're stuck in the middle...
And the pain in my groin area is thunder.
MM, you shoulda stayed home and watched the Law & Order Marathon.
Maybe MB and Bjork should also die in a terrible accident or shooting right about now...
Let's hi-jack Corny's blog while she's sweating to Carribbean Aerobics!
Everyone should be dying right now. Why not.
Yeah let's soil her blog with bile.
But Sloth, let's keep MJ alive long enough for him to sell all thos Beatles songs back to Paul.
ya think she's quaffing the Miller while aerobicizing?
Just kidding Corns! You know how we are deeply in love with you and ABCN. No soiling. Just juice.
I bet she's got Miller in one hand and a donut in the other.
Whatever she's doing she's definitely quaffing. Good word.
Down with Brit-Pop...Up with Shit-Pop.
Yeah, the downward quaff move.
No soil...that was a few posts back.
I have one more painting to finish and then it's miller time for me too. It's real close.
Right about now they are cracking cocnuts between the knees. A good strengthening exercise.
too late for night soil... morning bile: it's what's for breakfast!
OOps--sorry for typos
oh GOOD mm. good.
oh GOOD mm. good.
sorry for stuttering
Hooray, MM. Miller time.
I am at the Miller time line now.
I had a bunch of grad students over yesterday. They seemed to accept things, which made me very relieved.
I put Miller in my coffee.
I am making Miller jello.
mm, it was very generous of you to share your works of jeanious with the little fuckers.
It was cute. Some of them knew the blog. Funny.
Yeah, very generous indeeds. Lil' effers.
I would like to make a jello mold for your after party mm, in the shape of armageddon.
they were from risd, not my normal students. i wouldn't let them in the studio, those insolent beasts.
The shape of armeggedon, is that an emblem type shape or more amorphous.
ooops, I didn't mean fuckers, I meant, uh, flickers. Paint-flickers was what I was referring to.
oops i misspelly
typo, sorry.
Sure sure Slothy, I know what you meant.
Oh, I hear those RISD students are brilliant.
I am going to go sit on my banana seat for a while. I am hungry for love.
Okay, I take that back.
Is it Bud-Wise-er time?
They were great, asked great questions and were extremely attentive. It was fun.
cool. I am goin' shackside now. time to make the furry donut-pillows.
I am going to sit on the banana seat too. I want to express myself.
Well, they're lucky it went well, or you would have to send them to meet the slicer.
I'm going to sit on a banana seat in the shack while making furry donut paintings.
have a great day in the shack dear slothy. i miss you.

yes slicer. I will send all miscreants to you. i miss you too.
miss you too, mm. enjoy your banana splitz.
miss you all like crazy.

have fun schmearing.
What's happening to the comment box area? ! I'm going to need a pile of Ajax and and some good rubber gloves to clean up this soily mess.

Now kids, you are NOT going to believe what me and the Mrs. did this I was not cracking coconuts between my legs, slinging Miller while sweating to the carriebean oldies... We addopted a BIRD!!! His name is Shrimps and he's a 2 week old love bird. He is gray and tiny and shakey but will grow up and have either green or blue feathers. We got him at 33rd and Bird which just reopened in SOBRO. Shrimps is a temporary name so we're open to suggestions.
MM, those RISDoids are top drawer... wonderful that they accepted things though I bet they morte then accepted... bet they were drooling from the eyes
I'm going to report to the refinery myself this afternoon, Hasta luego amigas
A birdy! I love the birds. Congratulations. How 'bout naming him popcorn or chowder?
Chowder? Thats a fish's name!
I'm feeling like birds are similar to tatoos, they're addictive and a year from now we'll have a ginormous aviary
How 'bout Drumstick?
drumstick is cute. he might grow up a little nurotic though
What about Smidge?
Drumstick is very very cute
how about Beaks? Beaksie?
Feathers McGraw?
Jonathan Swift
In-laws have a bird called Mr. Peeps. Nice n simple.
Googled bird names here are the top 10 bird names in the USA:

1. Baby
2. Sunny
3. Buddy
4 Charlie
5. Kiwi
6. Max
7. Angel
8. Sam
9. Peaches
10. Coco

None of them really strike my fancy.
Foghorn !!!!

Johnathan Livingston Lovebird?
Foghorn is shear brilliance
Foghorn "Shrimps" Eisenman
I do like Shrimps. Sorry. cooking. food names sound good to me right now...
Lil' Pecker
I like "Rigatoni"
How 'bout "Vito" in honor of the poor fanoiche that's gonna get offed tonight.
Lil Pecker - CUTE!!! Rigatoni -REALLY CUTE!!!
"Calamari" or maybe Wisenheimer Eisenman-Cub?
Sloths, riddle me this? Whats that code you use for posting links in the comments box?

This is what Shrimps looks like.
Calamari, Rigatoni... I don't know if hes italian vapes. He could very well be Irish or more likely, brazilian. Still the names ending in i are especially cutes
Brazilian? hmmm how about "Copa Cabana?"

That picture, while sweet, also scares me a little.
emailed it to ya.
sigh. you have forced my hand. I was hoarding these, but... take that. and that.
sorry, fckn flicr wouldn't display that first one.
foghornShrimps is a lot more dignified and hansome than that squish, he looks like he's still part egg.
Sopranos is genius
yeah, his name is "albumen."
pretty damn good, and Vito gets beaten up by his future fuck buddy... gets the pain right on outta the way.
Plus I loved that line "it's over for the little guy." beautiful double-entendre.
right, thats totally practical
That poor little Albumen, he looks like he's getting beat up by an over easy
lol, snorts
I liked the romance between Tony and Camila and Lj's idenity crisis. Snorts is a good name for a snail. But notreally birdish
hey sloths. love you like a fat kid loves cake

I dare not quote Marie Antoinette here.
but you set it up so beautiful, corns.
Just chilling out here in the backyard, don't mind me.
Hello. And Bye.
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