Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Boyfriends are self described as being a "classically English, warmly emotional but noisy guitar group". Playlouder likens them to "sexually ambivalent East End ruffians, dubbed them “a real fearsome looking crew who give the air of being happier on the terraces than singing tender love songs”, whatever that means. This group won my heart with their single No Tomorrow which Mr.Boadwee turned me on to in 2004. They have a new single just out (sold out) and are putting a CD out soon, so you'll be hearing more about them here when we get the CD. Listen to No Tomorrow on The Boyfriends MySpace page. I big time heart this song! check out the song The White Devil on their web site. Yes, they sound like the Smiths. They're opening for Morrissey on his european tour right now.

Corns! I love them already. No Tomorrow sounds like the Smiths, but also a touch of Joy Division. What could be bad about that. I also love Fearless Heart--very Morrissey and lazily good.
Corny, thank you for starting my day with this peppy dirge. It is certainly true that this very day could be my last, what with all the city busses whipping by on my way to beige...
White Devil is really amazing.

Slothy, please stay away from the buses! It musn't be your last day. I must set my eyes upon you again.
I'm SO glad you guys like this stuff, it's awsome but then the Smiths were always a love them or hate them kind of band. Check out boadwees blog and scroll back a few days, he's got some great recomendations. I just bought the Gainsbourg CD this AM and the Jack White Coke comercial keith posted on the 18th must be seen.
Sloths, the bus, she flatten you into sloth jerky and flat jerky sloths is no so good.
flat okay, like a cartoon-pancake sloths... always wanted to see what it would be like to live in 2 dimensions. plus I could flap around on the bottom of the ocean like a flounder.
A lot of bands these days sound like the Smiths or the Fall or the Cure or early Wire, which is okay by me since I listened to them the first time around.
I had a dream about the Smiths last night. For reals. I still cry when I hear "There is a light..."
pd, did you have a sad dream because there isn't enough free ice cream in the world?
Yes, Sloth. It was very much about ice cream. I propose Ben & Jerry's create some new "Some Girls are Bigger than Others" which has chocolate covered cashews with chocolate, chocolate fudge, bananas, honey-roasted pecans, caramel, chocolate chips, and potato chips.
Or "Meat IS NOT Murder" which has hot dogs, salami, and roast pork in a rich and creamy goose liver base.
oh, I know! how about "Aspirin?"
Meat is NOT Murder, or alternatively, again in tribute to the Smiths, "Meat is Delicious?"

Slightly ashamed of Smiths and bad 80's taste. Missed an opportunity to see Miles Davis before he passed on in order to see the Legendary Pink Dots. Still 20 years of vegetarianism allows me to drink and smoke.
Still hoping to please get what I want this time.
kelli, why does it always come back to you?
Kelli you didn't have bad taste in music, the Smiths were genius. I've got to look up the Legendary Pink Dots. They're not so legendary in my book but hope it was even a little worth it.

PS, hope you get what you want too...
I'd like some opium but I can't find it anywhere, but I'll never give up the dream
Pd and sloths, I'm enjoying your thoughts on a Ben and jerries Smiths edition.
I'd like to add Girlfriend In A Coma,
Oxi and Jack?
Ben and Jerry's
lol, I know... I'm a tard.
Corny I don't know if you are joking about the opium but have been looking for it too and hear it is really hard to get. The smoky opium den glamour would be wasted though. I want it to play video mah jong.
I'm serious yes... whoever finds it first MUST share.
How bout Death of a Disco Dancer?
Also oxy and Jack.
Or an empty pint they call: "You Just Haven't Earned it Yet Baby."
Ok I really have asked around and hear it is hard to get in the US. Have heard it compared to having sex under a lead blanket (????). That just sounds terrifying.
"Hairderesser on Fire" which is jalapeno & strawberry ice cream with red-hots and cracked black pepper.
opium not Ben & Jerry's which is nothing like sex under a lead blanket I hope
I did it once, (a long story of where it came from) there were like 8 people and one pinky nail sized smudge we smoked. Yes, sex under a lead blanket is a good description, but maybe like self service under a lead blanket, everyone became very anti-social.
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