Monday, April 10, 2006

BEHOLD THE BLOB!This may be the most important posting on ABCN ever. courtesy of WFMUblog


OMG! What a nut--a huge one. I cannot believe that thing. It has really challenged my perceptions of the penis. I am sure it was all worth it.
yeah I always thought it was the same basic set-up: erectile tissue and the possibility of penetration, lots of homologous parts. gee, guess not.
Corny, just when i thought i'd seeen everything... thank you deeply for this.

and will the "real" sensory homunculus please stand up?
This image on my screen, though only up for a second or so, was very bad for me just now at work. I am intrigued and haunted though: must check it out again later.
I know.... this requires some thought, some reflection, some re-evaluations?

Sloths thanks for taking this to the NEXT LEVEL...yes SENSORY HOMUNCULUS in the flesh!!!! I wish he'd get some collogen injections in his lips....
The Mrs. Says it's a lot bit creepy.
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But then again I can't look away
Use me Blob!
That didn't work, it woulda been funny, trust me. Very very funny.
I wonder if he gets a lot of lower back pain.
When I viewed this in the morning, I thought I had lost my sight all over again.
Sorr about that Peeds, send the optomologist bill to my accountant...
I pity the person that has to perform the oral exams on that fella.
This is a very fun blog. I like Corn with smoked meats.
Corny, Sir, this is The Capt'n, and I am at a loss for words.
foibled. i had to exit quickly at the beige today when the pants started to unzip. boss lurking. now at home my fartface computer from 1800 is unable to view!!!

tomorrow i will have to risk the risque.
Geeeezzzzus! Doesn't that guy know he could have achieved the same result by injecting himself with saline instead of silicone? His body would have absorbed the saline within 3 to 5 days allowing him to experience humongousness as well as anal penetration at a later date! Oh yes, the ladies do it too. Corny, Howzaboutit?!
Good to know kennybeans, and there's 7 oceans worth of salt water and it's FREE!!! think of the implications...
Sloth, remember your famous phrase "my eyeballs were bleeding?"
Jd, are you having an issue with bleeding eyes? sorry, I've been refering visitors to my lawyer all morning
Corny, my eyeballs often bleed. This is a phrase coined (brilliantly) by Sloth, used most often when referring to the results of looking at really really bad art.
i never knew life coul dbe so amazing. thank you corny, i must check in more often! (or leave a reminder memo on my desk please...) XXX Ms. Andry, who can't remember her password
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