Thursday, April 06, 2006

Artbrut+Tequilla=refreshing The show was brilliant. When Eddie Argos asks "did you form a band"? we resolutely answered YES! Our band, Spazz Dancers on Parade or Spazz Dancerson Parade, did a cappella covers of Art Brut songs live, during the show. ArtBrut played everything from Bang bang Rock and Roll plus two new songs. One sounded catchy, something to do with teaching punk rock in school. I posted a link to eddie's side project in february, here it is again, Future and the Boy

I'm hungover and blissed out. And FRUSTRATED because blogger is fucking my shit up and it seems only the picture and not the text is showing up on my Artbrut post. If you can't see the text, trust me, it's funny and not without deep insight...
Here's the post if you can't see it...depends what server you use.

ArtBrut + Tequilla= Refreshing

The show was brilliant. When Eddie Argos asks "did you form a band"? We resolutely answered YES! Our band, Spazz Dancers on Parade, (Spazz Dancerson Parade?) did a cappella covers of art brut songs live (!) during the show.
They played everything on Bang Bang Rock and Roll plus two new songs. One sounded catchy (something to do with teaching punk rock in school) and the other was forgetable...
I posted a link to eddies side project in february, here it is again,
Future and the Boy
Sloth I'm so happy for you!!!! yeah! I'm jumping up and down. God, you must be xausted
I am excited, corns, and I can see the text no problem!
FB, so awsome to meet ye, I liked the copping a puke comment by the by, think we should write it as a song for the Spazz Dancerson Parade
I cannot see the tiny words. You can't do this to me. I'm too hungover.
The text she is moving, I am transported back to the mosh... they were fucking great & fun & the a capella singing has left me hoarse-like...
PD, you showed great restraint last night... your robot arms kept trying to break free, I could see the sparx
you're one of the lucky ones sloths. Shitski I should go check in at the refinery... we're training some new monkeys today.
Pd's robo arms were committing al manner of crime!
corny, you should get the telekinetic kind, then you can control them remotely from the mounds... drink coffee and blog while they pingpong around the studio, making with the woiks.
Pd , will your robo arms fit inthe overhead compartment of Spazz Dancerson Parade's tourbus? Cause I don't wanna wake up wit dem arms all fiddeling my diddle, 'namean?
of monkey I mean.
You don't know how hard it was--keeping the arms down. Restraint is really hard when you are mechanically inclined.
oh you're right. I'll leave the blogging, stain removal and other household chores to robo arms and I'll ge all g'nip g'nop at the studio...
Corny, my arms will fit in a special padded box that I will bring along.
Clever how artbrut snuck a pogo stick into my back door last night without me even noticing.
tell Thumbody I need thumb-wrestling lessons. I will pay top dollar. Somehow I ended up with one mitten, no fingers... the low-budge version I guess.
Peeds, I was thinking we should ship arms in wooden crates on a seperate boat, like dracula style
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
corny, you are the pogo master. hope ya didn't bump yer haid.
Cunt-gratulations Sloth, I am glad everything went well with the bushy-eyed wizard visit!!! Not easy to have a hungover visit like such. I am hung over along with the masses of other hangover victims. Time to go to studio.
I meant to say congratulations!!! I just love cunts so much.
Sorry!!!!! I AM GOING WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thloth, I am available for lethons. For me, thumb wrethtling ith a full body thport.
He is hiding behind the toilet with the bourbon, that's the problem, the hole has opened up.
mm, my cunt thanks you. wizard was turned out in grand sartorial style as per usual.
lol, MM you bring tears to mine eyes
MM's cunt thanks you back. What does sartorial mean?
Yes, my arms will travel separately, as long as we have proper security. I need at least four Naval escorts.
Okay Thumbody, I will have my people call your people.
well-tailored, ems.
Whose thumbs are speaking? I am confused. I still don't know all the vocabulary terms. I have no thumbs, just webbed issues.
I love you and now must hide in the sack with MM, creating windchimes throughout the day.
Sloth, realizing your wizard IS truely an inviolable and sartorial wizard, I've seen him wear purple ties.
Lucky frogs. MM's sack is luscious. It dangles, askew-like. Mesmerizing.
I love 36c cups.
Today: royal blue corduroy blazer, blue shirt, PURPLE TIE.
and MM's sacks.
i feel inadequate
frogths, iths betht if you take it thlow today. Windchimeths
have lovely thmells around here. I create them too.
wow sloths. he's like one of Rosemary's neighbors...
and dirty pillows of Frogs.
I Heart 36c

I need a tee-shirt that tells the world of my love.
fenny and funny how you feel more drunk the next day then you do when your drunk.
I must get a few of those shirts made. In the style of those I Heart NY tees.
I was thinking the same thing.
Artbrut has great Hennessey tee-shirts...
shitski, I wonder if I'll leave the house today?
Hennessy makes me want to rock out.
all my friends think I'm insane.
Sloths again, so happy for you having such a cunt-astic studio visit. I KNEW you'de rock his purple socks clear off.
(PAM! is the sound blown socks make)
and now we go to studio where we will sit and dumbly stare at stuff for the rest of the day.
It's true, I had to do an emergency darn. Kept stabbing his feets with the needle, bloody footprints coming out of my studio now.
go forth, corny. make the genius pitchers & don't forget your riding crop (for the monkeys)...
you are all a handfull today
I need to post a comment or i'll die!
Oh My F*c$in GOD!!!!! Oh MY F*c$in GOD!!! Is that a mountain cake with a clown waterfall?!! I dreamed of one long ago, when I still had the heart to dream, but Corny and Mrs. Cub--Oh my god! Oh my GOD! I can't believe the genius! Tears are SHOOTING from my eyes like a lawn sprinkler set on "Hail of metal tear bullets"!! Oh. My. God!
I know that was an earlier post where the clown he make himself into a waterfall, but who here amongst us . . . protocol . . . authority . . . tear in fabric of space-time . . . blah blah . . . the Ancient Ones . . .Speak truth to power . . . linear: No! etc and plus . .

I am weeping, nay my organs are actually exploding from my body in a mass migration to the ether at this issue of the MOUNTAIN CAKE with a CLOWN WATERFALL. Corny, you may have actually caused me to die an ecstatic death. Emotionally I'm not sure I have the tools to cope with this. And Yet still I thank you. You hurt me, and I say, May God Bless You.
F*ck. As Tennessee Williams once said through the mouth of his Vent Figure Blanche DuBois:

[trembling Southern alcoholic lady-voice] Sometimes there's God--so quickly!

Seamonkee, you are a vehical, a spanking new grayhound bus nay, a super shuttle of divine expression. Mt.Clowns served us well, the cake was inspired by a painting of a waterfall of ladies we saw while thrifting in Mexico City, the waterfall was a gushing torrent of pretty painted faces, I saw it and realized what needed to happen, the rest, well, you know the rest. I can feel your vibrations are are here aren't you... in brooklyn, I will spend the night decorating your room with posters of Histories Cutest Cats and giant albino rainbow.
F*ck. As Tennessee Williams once said through the mouth of his Vent Figure Blanche DuBois:

[trembling Southern alcoholic lady-voice] Sometimes there's God--so quickly!

STOP YOUR KILLING ME˜∆˚ˆ˙¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¥†††®®®´®´∂∂©ƒ
ƒuçk ¡¡¡¡¡ii1!!!
ƒuçk ¡¡¡¡¡ii1!!! (Arrow points back in hilarity to that thing on the "c", the little sickle)

No, it is YOU who are killing ME! § I am tremblingly near to you, mi amore. Over on Berkely place in Park Slope. I'ma call you when I get up, okay? I just can't DEAL with the Mt. Clown Cascade, really, it opened a wormhole through to the Infinite that I hope I get back from, excuse me, NEVER get back from. Oh look, there's Jody Foster on the beach! I think a smidge of collagen in the upper lip wd be okay in her case, just as a kind of placeholder if you will. A medical procedure, nothing to do with contemporary image straitjackets designed for women by the pharmaceutical-military-entertainment complex . . .
I just reread the Annual Kids Issue esplainin how evolution finally over on the plane and oh my fckin god, remind me to tell you how amazing this slutfest is and to say what I wish I woulda done. Though your days as a media mogul are done, I'm clear about that. God, it's fun to communicate when there's a verking computer in the home!
I'm still tearing (water from eyes) at the Mt. Clown. Might have to seek help tomorrow.
A Haiku.

The slow undulating cascade of bodies and over sized shoes accumulates, the the silent earth, make that water (a mime) swallows pale forms.
is that the right amount of syllables? I'm playing with the(italics) Technique of Metaphor here
Seamonkee there is alway help at the mounds. we keep the TV going 24/7 and if that doesn't work the entire American Psychiatric Association lives in a crawl space below the chimney, they'll come out if you offer cheese.
One last thing seamonkee... did you really see Jody foster on the beach in the worm hole? "beach" means what? The reason i ask is because the worm hole is her mouth into which the lips have dissapeared, and as you see, the rest of her face, body will follow into the dry socket, not to be confused with the black hole in the humid southern regions of the galaxy... where tears in the fabric of space are painful and stingy. K?
nice haiku. was thinking about speaking in iambic pentameter or Zen koans. can't decide which one.
One more thing.

Six Tips for Happiness

1. Give yourself permission to be human.
zen koans please
g'nite broken cell phone
g'nite vent figures
g'nite Cy, you've been very bad today
g'nite new CD's
g'nite 4 month old pile of mysterious papers on my desk
g'nite cup of tea with funny chunks floating on top
g'nite ether
g'nite corns
G'marnin, poet. I'm jet lagged. It's like 9 a.m. Back to bed for a while. Then I call you. I plan to speak entirely in sestinas throughout the day. Then it's time for a night of quatrains. Your haiku is stunning. I'ma go dream about it.
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