Thursday, February 02, 2006

What does a neurotransmitter at A Blog Called Nowhere look like? The bend of the head indicates that this particular transmitter lives in a state of melancholic alienation.

Moping around in pee-jays all moring helps?

There is a ton of great MP3s over at fluxblog (see sidebar)
I just downloaded 5 really killer songs including an acoustic version of Sugababes Push the Button and this one,
" Will (Imperial Teen) Schwartz's pop group have teamed up with Annie for a duet version of "Chewing Gum," resulting in a track that seems almost strategically designed to appeal to me"

me too.

Also a new song from The Knife
Corny, this photo freaks me out! Is she a model from Fashion Weak?

I wish I had sound here at work AND I wish I were still in PJs.
Moping around is good until it starts to look bad to your mate. Then corrective measures need to be taken. I don't know what they are right now.
Mate? I don't have to worry about that right now.
Hum. Mrs.Cub hasn't mentioned anything about my mood swings and hasn't brought up the pink eye either. Some new music that arrived via The Royal Mail yesterday and free fluxblog songs are motivating me.
Go here please:
Pd fashion week is so exciting. say hello to kate moss & pete Doherty's love child!
Music is the elixir, Corny.
twue Pd vewy vewy twue
You got some early Go Betweens? That'll fix you right up.
Good thinking PD, your musical prescriptions are usually spot on. Now what about for me and my sockets? What can you prescribe? There was motion yesterday, activity, productivity, even, but today there is weakness, succumbing to the evils of socket. What shoudl I listen to?
Wow Corny, what an eroticized barely-legal boy mannequin! And they coyly hide the key anatomy bits.
I want to know: who does his eyebrows?
MM, do you need soothingness or something to pep you up?
Mountain Man, you need some Prince. Yes, you do. Maybe the song "Why you wanna treat me so bad?"
Do you have Electric President? I think you will enjoy. AND if you have the album Before Hollywood, by the go betweens...that never hurt nobody.
...and top it off with the Kinks, VILLAGE GREEN PRESERVATION SOCIETY (3-disc reissue)
Thanks PD, I will get hence and listen to these goodies at one. I need both the soothe and the pep.
My prescription includes both. Please take with hot dogs...every hour.
VILLAGE GREEN PRESERVATION SOCIETY this is one of my favorite albums ever. Good one Pd.
Slothy, so powerful is the erotic charge,(located in the eyes and eyebrows) he is almost hard to look at. I would like to try this color contact lens, people who gaze into my lavender puddles will instantly have itchy desires.
I would pluck hith eyebrowths out with my teeth when he's thleeping
would it be fun or a burden if every person you looked at wanted to take their cloths off with you?
Sugababes -Push the Button. I CANT GET ENOUGH of this song. Yea cheesy dance pop.
I L O V E this song.
mm, i'm going to send it to you in an email. Listen to it 5 or 7 hundred times in a row, it worked for me...
I am dying to hear "Picture Book" right now.
It's a song on VILLAGE GREEN...there are a few versions on the reissue.
pd, what is picture book?
what's up with blogger? messing up the time continium.
...simply red? Holding back the years used to make me cry like baby.I think that album came out when i was as depressed as a human can get, but that has to be the most manipulative sonng in the history of song writing.
I'm talking Kinks here. I can't mix Simply red in the same breath...oh, I guess I just did. I was always bugged by that song Holding Back the Tears...

Do you have the Kinks "Misfits" album? So love that one too.
anonymous, are you actually having this problem?
Picture book thounds dangeroth PD, protheed with cauthion...
Oh, KINKS Thank goddess. I was worried for a second there that you might be a Simply Red-head.

I have the Kinks:
Village Green...
Arthur, or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire
Something Else by The Kinks
A best of album and some BBC sessions and other random stuff

I'd like Misfits. we should burn eachother some stuff...
Misfits has the incredible songs "Rock n Roll Fantasy" and "Live Life" I would gladly burn it. Also, Muswell Hillbillies is a good album.
I'd love the BBC sessions.
Actually the only BBC session I have is the song Death of a Clown, with that weirdo spooky childrens chorus behind them, It's amazing.
My email is, write me with your address and we'll do a swap.
Are you a fan of brit-pop? I bought a compilation last year called the London Look, it's got alot of obscure gems on it.
Did I have your email? I think i lost it.
I'll send it.
My two fantasy professions:

Tennis pro
Tennis pro and DJ? Why not. And lover of puppets of sadness. Tennis pros can be soothing, esp. those who are also stoners. I have found.

Hey I know this was divergent but I am having a craving for Throbbing Gristle's 3rd Annual Report. Hamburger Lady will fix my broken face. I can feel it.
don't listen to the songs I sent you if you're craving Throbbing gristle, it'll just piss you and the sockets right the hell off.
Scratch tennis pro, thats a tired old fantasy. I want to make the worlds largest spit bubble
New fantasty profession:
Martinet of sad yet erotically charged puppets/eyebrow weaver
I always say tennis pro...and I would def. want to DJ.
/mouth bubble blower
Corny I can be nimble with the Gristle and switch into the other mode like no ones' business. It's just that right now a good old howling Hamburger Lady will help me to laugh at myself. Yes.

The world's largest spit bubble. Will you ingest something to improve the viscous potential of your spit? Something to make it stretch like taffy???? I wonder how big is big for a spit bubble. What diameter would give you glory in the papers?
If I can get it big enough to cover my head like a space helmut, that would be ok. I'll ingest a bucket of doenut glaze to give it strength
I had gristle last night for dinner
A bong-cloud in the eye. Also designate a corner of your living area for throwing glass bottles. OK?
I had throbbing spagetti
The more I look at this's the placement of that tiny nipple right in the corner that irks me so. Why--I don't know.
When you say irk you mean makes you dizzy with quite rage? Me too, yet I'm obsessed with the pink eyes and slightly swolen lips.
I want to know why this boy puppet exists?!?!
Yes, although the rage is getting more noisy inside...there is a rumble in my brain.
It is a pure temptation into the dark crystal of pedophilia. There are elfin aspects, sexy adolescence, pouty sensual disappointment in the lips, an entitlement to the slopes from the nose to mouth, a slight flare of exasperation that "no one understands me," and the eyes are pure nether species with the crystalline decay of a history of drug use. And then, if that weren't enough, finely manicured eyebrows suggesting a trust fund, hollows beneath the eyes that suggest excessive partying.....and what to make of the hair? Is this timeles hair? Or is this carefully tousled retro-white trash-fashion forward hair? And the necklace......who needed to have this made and why is the question. I am enjoying attempting to decode its many wonders.

The nipple, for me, causes me want to wax, bind and make love to this doll for many private hours.
MM you seem to have stopped this thread dead in its tracks. Perhaps you are in need of a finger lopping.
It suggests sexual openness, maximum pliability, the willingness to surrender to any position, without struggle. I am demonically attracted to puppets.
Hmmm, interesting analysis MM. Maybe it's the funky arm socket that's getting to me. Does this suggest double-jointedness?
I wanna have one of these in my closet.
Jesus MM. I'm floored. Your skills of description are beyond compair, a truely searing description. I understand now, the quite rage the puppet nipple causes me is frustrated and violent desire. Is it still pedophelic if what you desire is ageless? This pixy could be a thousand years old. That would account for the I've seen it all and "no one understands me" attitude.
MM I worship you.
MM if you like Throbbing Gristle do you also like Godspeed you black emperor, Esmerine, Silver Mt. Zion and that sort of stuff? Have a friend who looks like this doll. He was hitting on a chick who was at a party with her parents & claims to have seduced the whole nuclear family unit.
seduction is mere childs boyplay
Maybe it's the necklace that troubles me...
Corny, the feeling is entirely mutual. Maybe there should be puppet frenzy in our group future. We can learn more about their ageless hypnotic ways.

Kelli, I have gaps in my knowledge. Serious chasm-like gaps but I have multi-interests. I will check out these bands you mentioned. I have it bad for Throbbing Gristle. I need and want to know more about other things. There isn't enough time, you see. Between staying in bed, painting, blogging, eating and raping puppets, I wish I could draw up a pie chart, there is little time for deep immersion into all the kinds of music I find myself liking. I love learning from all you guys. LOVE.

Like yesterday I was listening to mother's laments from Ecuador and Rumania. Why? Mothers singing/crying. Why? I am unfocused.

I am realizing now I need more puppets like this around my home. Maybe dangling from the ceiling. Lightbulbs from their toes. I could rig something. Sorry, I ramble. Remember - I'm all doped up!!!
limpid crystal is the soul and passion of the puppet also for binding wrists to the ankles
Let's see if we can't get the comments to top 70!

MM, I know what you mean about the eclectic taste thing. It is a blessing and a curse. 'Member when we use to get together and make mix tapes...those were the days.

HOWEVER, I don't wanna see on an episode of Law and Order SVU! Stop the sickness.
I mean: I don't wanna see YOU on an episode of SVU
my doll-like friend spooks asexuals & extreme kinsey scale people but if you can ignore the narcissism, sociopathic predation & creepy dyke fetish he is very nice.
Your friend sounds like fun. I would like to be spooked in the way that you describe. What color are his teeth?
I'm a 4.9.00397 I guess, my love of this puppet drags my numbers closer to the medium. I hope to meet this friend sometime. Hey did you go to the opera?
OK. my eyes are having an out of socket expeirence, I've seriously got to withdraw from the computer. I had no right being home today and now I feel shitty as hell for not working. I did order a stack of new CDs from AmazonUK and Roughtrade, and in some office complexes thats considered productive.
Fuck me.
this puppet has awesome powers. maybe it can bring back the 70's feminine version of androgyny now that everybody & their mama has to be manly. really want to go to the opera. Kai & Faunce want to go too. Do not feel bad for staying home. Corny show will kick puppet-ass! bringing friend so nobody at opening can get laid.
Oh, I plan on getting laid, Kelli, I don't care who your friend is.
pirate with your moniker & your peg leg my narcissistic friend may finally be cockblocked
Arghh, pirate slut. Have you considered taking my Pirates workout class?
I am determined to paint today Corny. So please don't put up another provocative post until I leave the house.
Corny, you are on a ROLL.
Thorny, ith thith child of god a tard? Did you find him at a tent thow? Fathion week is amathing, they thet up an Evian water park in Bryant park.
Keep up the good work »
Excellent, love it! » » »
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